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Disk sizing for a new 2012 install

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I'm planning to migrate to 2012 but for that I need to know what the size of the disk must be. What is there to consider that is taking diskspace?


Software packages

Driver packages

Driver folders

Boot images

Os images

Update packages


The total diskspace of all those things must be multiplied by 2 in 2007. So if I have 100gb data it will be doubled because it's chopped into .pkg files.


What about 2012? Is this flexible? We have Win7 x32 and want to take x64 too so new drivers, new apps,...


For a primary I would give 2cores, 8gb ram. Is this enough? And for secondaries 1core and 4gb ram.

Any tips for a good speedy sql? 2 cores with 16gb ram? Infra for 5000 users

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I have noticed a big difference betwen CM07 and CM12 in ram usage, my 07 site with 2,5K computers uses between 4-6GB ram, my CM12 LAB site have 10 computers and uses 9GB now with all site roles installed. I Think 16GB to start with for 5k users seems fair enough.

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I'll disagree with them on that point.


I've got a site running 10k users and 6k computers. I'm running overkill. Our site server is virtual with one processor and 16GB, usage never tops more than 4.5GB.


Our SQL is offbox and it is also virtual and runs 32GB but usually stays around 16GB usage.


My specs according to MSFT will support 100,000 clients.

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