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Resource Explorer Shortcut for sms 2003

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This is a basic script that will create a shortcut to Resource Explorer.


Step 1.

Copy the code below and edit the variables (marked in red)


Step 2.

Save the file as a .bat


Step 3.

Start Using it!


variables you need to change to make it work (marked in red):

1. c:

cd \SMSADMIN\bin\i386 - Point this to the folder where you have your SMS Console installed


2. %SERVER% - Change this to your primary Server (db server)


3. %SITECODE% - Change this to match your sitecode.


REM Code written by Marcus Ymsén - 2008

@echo off
Title Resource Explorer

> tmp.vbs ECHO WScript.Echo InputBox( "To which Computer would you like to connect?", "Resource Explorer", "Enter Computer Name" )
FOR /F "tokens=*" %%A IN ('CSCRIPT.EXE //NoLogo tmp.vbs') DO SET dator=%%A
DEL tmp.vbs

cd \SMSADMIN\bin\i386[/color]

SET var='%dator%'

start explore.msc -s -sms:ResExplrQuery="SELECT ResourceID FROM SMS_R_SYSTEM WHERE NAME = %var%" -sms:connection=\\[color="#FF0000"]%SERVER%[/color]\root\sms\site_[color="#FF0000"]%SITECODE%[/color]




This is what it looks like:








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