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Our network user guide for SCCM/Vanilla in our school

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This may be of interest to people on this forum - it's a work in progress User Guide on how vanilla/SCCM 2012 is managed in our school environment and currently covers:


  • Abbreviations used in this document
  • User Management
  • Creating a new single user
  • Importing multiple/bulk users
  • Setting up a new computer
  • Setting up a computer with Windows pre-installed
  • Join the computer to the HCC domain
  • Update the group membership of the computer to ensure the correct GPO’s are applied
  • Move a new computer to the correct AD location
  • Checking System Center Configuration Manager 2012 has picked up the new computer
  • Setting up a computer using PXE boot
  • Update the group membership of the computer to ensure the correct GPO’s are applied
  • Adding a PXE boot network card driver
  • Identifying a correct PXE network card driver
  • Adding the PXE driver to SCCM
  • Adding the PXE driver to the boot image
  • Adding hardware drivers to SCCM for use during OS deployment
  • Managing applications and deployment within SCCM 2012
  • Creating an application in SCCM using an existing MSI
  • Creating an application from an executable
  • Finding the uninstall information for an application
  • Distributing an application ready for deployment to computers
  • Deploying an application to computers
  • Uninstalling a deployed application from client computers
  • Creating an MSI for distribution via SCCM
  • Testing software deployment and removal

It does not cover how we setup SCCM but is growing to cover all the ways we use it, I'll try to keep this thread updated as I add more to the document. You can find the PDF link here:



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Nice guide, but do you setup pupils manually in the AD? I don't think IT should setup accounts, that's the School Administrators job. Setup Orchestrator with Servicemanager and the SMPortal so teachers/Administrators can set up account's using Sharepoint.


This might be interesting :



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Curious view on users - for the most part we have one bulk user creation process before the start of each new school year. There are maybe a dozen pupils/staff added during each year. The bulk add is done with a small free program (Active User Manager) which sets all the user properties. Single users are just 'copied' and given a suitable login name/password. I see no reason why IT shouldn't handle this, it is an IT role and we have no skills or staffing structure in place for anybody else to be doing this type of work.

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Kingen, it depends on the environment. Some schools have a SIS (Student Information System) that is separate from AD. In our case, administrators or registration clerks entered the data in the system and we exported the data out to import into AD.


nry, I'm with you on being an IT function. IMO, non IT personnel do not need access to AD for any reason. Leaving it with the IT Department means you don't have to go out and configure the additional security to allow non IT people to add accounts. From the sounds of the size of your organization, the benefit of doing it yourself outweighs changing security.

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