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Deployment Status "Cache too small"

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How big is the Program? over 5GB?


You could change the Maximum Chache Size by options in the installation properties. Take a look here:



And if this is just a lab you could do it manually like this:


To change the SCCM Cache size:


  • Go into Control Panel and choose Configuration Manager (32-bit).
  • Under the Advanced tab, click the Configure Settings button.
  • In the Temporary Program Download Folder section at the bottom, increase the Amount of disk space to use. Some software packages have been over 5 GB (5000 MB), so 10 GB (10,000 MB has worked for any current packages).
  • Click OK to save changes, and try re-running the software package.

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SCCM 'Right Click Tools' let you do this easily with an existing computer - if you deploy the OS with SCCM, the settings don't apply for the cache size so for the moment we're using this: http://www.nryonline...-os-deployment/


Why didn't i think of that! :rolleyes: That's probably the best way to go if it's on existing clients, either way script or the Right Click tools:

Download: http://myitforum.com...ht-click-tools/





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