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How to identify the DP used for package or application deployment

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I have SCCM 2012 environment with multiple DP's. I need to identify which DP is used for deploying packages to the clients. Can we get this information in reports or any log files? This will ensure that correct DP is being used for the entire collections.


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Apologies Peter, Looking at this reply today only. I will look in the CAS.log and find out.

If you know particularly what needs to be checked in the cas.log, it will make my life easier.

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browse to a client, check the CCM\Logs folder and open CAS.LOG in CMtrace


look for a line which starts with Download location found such as in the example below


cas log.png


the 0,1 means preference or order of which dp it's going to use


so if you have multiple distribution points at one location it could say


Download location found 0

Download location found 1

Download location found 2

Download location found 3


and so on


it will pick BITS over SMB always, and it will start with DP 0 first, if that fails, then it will try dp location 1 and so on

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