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SCEP 2012 Clients Missing Configuration on About Screen

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Hi Guys,


I'm experiencing some pretty funky anomalies with System Center Endpoint Protection 2012 and wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction. We are running CM12 RTM on Windows 2008 R2 SP1.


My SUP, Antimalware definition updates, Policy application, client deployment (etc) have worked autonomously and reliably for quite a while now. Over the past day or so, the propagation of updates to my clients has ceased and EVERY instance of the client has the same anomaly.


When I open the 'About SCEP' element of the client that displays the engines, product versions, NIS versions and so on, instead of seeing it fully populated with that information all I see is...


System Center Endpoint Protection Version: 2.2.903.0

Antimalware Client Version: 3.0.8410.0


These are clients that have worked flawlessly and also those currently being installed as a part of OSD.


It's important to note that this has only occurred since the CAS and PRIMARY site servers were rebooted a day or so ago. The SUP synchronization works fine, there are no component errors and the ADR is running and downloading a package that's set to deploy and is distributed to all DPs accordingly.


Does anyone have any ideas?


Ian. <_<

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EVERY instance is misleading. :rolleyes:


After further investigation, the clients on the CAS and PRIMARY are fully built out but not receiving AMW definitions. There are selected clients from the ones tested that are built out and don't receive AMW definition updates. The other clients exhibit the limitations highlighted in my previous post...


All in all, a real mixed bag - the common theme is a lack of AMW definitions...



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Sorted this - The clients were left in provisioning mode at the end of the task sequence which prevented normal operation of the client. This only occurred for clients that failed to run a controlled shutdown at the end of the task sequence.

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