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How can I setup Operations Manager 2007 - Part 3


Step 1. Install Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition


Log on to the server with an account with Local Administrative permissions.


Insert the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition DVD (or mount the ISO available on MSDN called en_sql_2005_std_x86_dvd.iso) using Daemon tools or similar.


When the splash screen appears, choose the Server components, tools, Books Online, and Samples choice under the Install menu.




choose Run Program when you see the Program compatibility Assistant appear (we will be installing SP3 later anyway),




Accept the EULA




you'll be informed that setup has to install some prerequisites (Microsoft SQL Native Client and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Setup Support Files)


click install to continue




once installed click next to continue




in the Welcome to the Microsoft SQL Server installation Wizard, click next




at the System Configuration Check, click next (I got a warning about minimum hardware spec as this is a virtual box with only 512mb ram)




On the Registration Information screen, click next




On the Components to Install screen, check SQL Server Database Services, Reporting Services, Workstation components, books online and development tools are selected




click Advanced Change the Installation Path to D:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\ and click Next




choose Default Instance and click next




On the Service Account screen, check Use the built-in System account and select Local system, put a checkmark in Customise for Each service account and click Next,




you will get a warning, click ok




select local system account for the remaining services like this (you'll see the above warning each time until all three are configured to use the local system account.... namely SQL Server Agent, Analysis Services and SQL Browser


leave the authentication mode as it is (Windows Authentication Mode)




in the Collation Settings screen, leave defaults and click Next




On the Report Server Installation Options screen, click Next




click next at the Error Usage and Report Settings and on the Ready to Install screen click Install, this takes time so you can go and get a coffee now....




If you get prompted with a Program Compatibility Assistant, click Run Program




When Setup Progress completes, click Next




On the Completing Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Setup screen, click Finish




Finally, reboot the Server.

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Step 2. Install Service Pack 3 for Sql Server 2005


Download SP3.


Double click on the SQL Server 2005 SP3 installation file, when the Open File – Security Warning appears, click Run




In the User Account Control message box, click Continue, on the Welcome screen, click Next




At the License Terms screen, check I accept the agreement and click Next




For the Feature Selection screen, click Next




On the Authentication screen, click Next




On the Error and Usage Report Settings screen, verify that no check-box is checked and click Next, and for the Running Processes screen, click Next




On the Ready to Install screen, click Install


If you get prompted with a Program Compatibility Assistant, click Run Program,




On the Installation Complete screen, click Next




On the Additional Information screen, uncheck Launch the User Provisioning Tool for Windows Vista after SP3 Installation Completes and click Finish





Reboot the server


Continue on to Part 4. Install Operations Manager 2007

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Hi Admin,


I just following your SCOM 2007 installation article, am facing problem in SCOM 2007 installation. i.e., My site infrastructure is windows server 2008 R2 with SQL Server 2005 sp2 & SCOM 2007. when i try install SCOM 2007 prerequisites failed for MS SQL server 2005 SP1 failed, Even i installed SQL Server 2005 SP1, SP2 & SP3 also. its giving error in prerequisites MS SQL server 2005 SP1 failed. Its not allowing to go next step. Please guide me.

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