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SCCM 2012 - Supress Reboot after MS Updates

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SLCollege    0



I have recently deployed SCCM 2012 using your configuration guides, which are excellent!

I have deployed a standalone server and everything else is configured as advised in the guides.


The issue I have is when MS updates are deployed after patch Tuesday. In the past it was possible, through GPO, to delay a system reboot after updates have been applied with the option given to user to delay a reboot for a period of time.


I am unable to get this functionality to work in SCCM 2012 as each time updates are applied, SCCM displays a dialogue box advising that the system will be rebooted in xx time. There is no option to delay the reboot.


In my Monthly Updates ADR I have configured, under User Experience', suppress system restart for both servers and workstations but this does not appear to work.


I am still quite new to SCCM 2012 and so far I am enjoying its functionality, but this is causing me a real headache.


Any help would be much appreciated.





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brink668    0

I have the exact opposite problem I am trying to get my systems to restart during the maintenance window after installing updates.


Users are getting prompted to Restart the machines but I want to force the restart on them.


I will detail my environment for you to possibly help you get yours to not-restart as this is the case for me.

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mhakeem    0

Dear All,


I have Primary site , I have issue with discovery . I want to discover my local sub net or the sub net I want but when I start discovery it discover all the computer in my network.


The reason is the I am only trying to connect computers in my local sub net not in other regions.






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jkabaseball    4

What I do it push the updates out as available. Then on Saturday night I run a powershell script that tells the clients to install all available updates for it. Afterwards I run a script a few times that detects a pending reboot and reboots the PC.

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