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  1. I bought unleashed and it's a very good book. I took the Microsoft class on SCCM 2012, and I think getting the book is better then taking the class.
  2. If you have a task sequence that works perfectly with every PC you have, you can get them done quickly. I recently did all the computers here (about 300) and it went quick. I had the users back up anything they had saved locally and then I sent a mandatory task sequence for like 1 AM and when the user got into work the next day it was all set to go. I had a few that had issues during the process, and we have some old applications that aren't in ConfigMgr that needed installed by hand the next day.
  3. What I do it push the updates out as available. Then on Saturday night I run a powershell script that tells the clients to install all available updates for it. Afterwards I run a script a few times that detects a pending reboot and reboots the PC.
  4. I can think of a few different ways of doing this. You could have a collection that contains every PC that doesn't have that file on it and deploy the app to that collection. You could also use the Compliance settings and use PowerShell scripts to detect and remediate if it isn't there. I'm not sure which option will remediate the issue the fastest and how fast you need it fixed. If they don't have local admin rights I don't believe you could delete it to begin with.
  5. We use Reader and Flash where I work, so I'm not going to be much help with the other ones. What are the install switches or commands you are using?
  6. Depends on what you are doing. If you just want to silently install and application, and the EXE works, then there isn't much reason to change it. You can use EXE or scripts as Applications as well as Packages.
  7. I believe there is some known issue with them. I think the answer is to remove and readd the applications to the task sequences.
  8. Do you have a supported version of SQL installed? I forgot to install a CU once and it didn't work at all even though it said it was running fine.
  9. I had issues with the syntax of the dbupgrade test. I ended up just using the instance without the server name and it worked for me. I don't recall the exact error I was having but it was similar.
  10. If you have software inventory on, you could use that with the EXE (or what ever file extension). The other idea I thought of would be using DCM.
  11. I notice that your image says 2-2. Mine all say 1-1. I wonder if there is something in there that is taking the C drive letter. I would give what you mentioned a shot and then if it still doesn't work I would check the disk manager on the PC you imaged with your image and see if there is another partition on your local disk.
  12. We do both. I do a backup via SCCM every night and our sys admin does one on the server every night as well. All of the SCCM stuff lives on that one server. I have all our packages, drivers.... on another drive attached to that server, so the full backup makes sure that all those files are backed up regular. In the case of a restore I would create a new sever, restore the site and then copy all the content back to the extra drive.
  13. Late evening yesterday I noticed I was getting the same errors on good clients. I came in this morning and they appear to have fixed itself last night. I was digging into the fact that the clients were sending delta reports and the DB had lost the full reports. I never got around to making sure that was the issue since it fixed itself.
  14. Looks like you are missing an update. There is a fix for the cert being bad. It's CU0.
  15. I have the same errors as you. Here is what I have in the inv agent log Collection: Class "SMS_ActiveSyncConnectedDevice" does not exist. Collection: Class "SMS_ActiveSyncService" does not exist. Failed to get IWbemService Ptr for \\localhost\root\vm\VirtualServer Namespace: 8004100E Failed to enumerate instances of VirtualMachine: 8004100E Failed to get IWbemService Ptr for \\localhost\root\Microsoft\appvirt\client Namespace: 8004100E Failed to enumerate instances of Package: 8004100E Collection: Class "Win32_TSLicenseKeyPack" does not exist. Inventory: 9 Collection Task(s) failed. I don't have activesync, or any appv stuff installed, so I'm thinking these errors are from the lack of them. My provider log is just like the one above.
  16. Appears you need to have OOB and AMT Provisioning setup. How awesome to need AMT to send a Shutdown -r command to reboot....
  17. I enabled WOL for my site. I'd like to be able to reboot, shut down, and WOL all our PC's. It appears that SCCM 2012 has this capability built in. If I create a test collection and go to "Manage Out of Band" and select "Power Control" I get the option to Power Off the devices in the collection. I get a warning message about shutting down the PC and I click OK. On the PC nothing happens. Am I missing something?
  18. its a test version with known issues and can't be upgraded to SP1, so it isn't for production.
  19. I have no issues with our 790. I did have one that gave me troubles with the Dell driver. I installed the latest driver from Intel, and all seems to be working much better. Other then that we have quite a few 790s that were imaged no problem with the driver from the Dell cab.
  20. I remember getting this error a few times. I think mine went away or worked after a reboot. I'll see what I can find on my clients to see if I had to do anything special. I think the logs are in the CCMSetup folder in C:\Windows
  21. You can, when the new SCCM 2012 client installs and pull the Endpoint Protection Policy, it will upgrade FEP 2010 to SCEP 2012. They are bascially the same product with different names. It's pretty straight forward, no reboots or anything.
  22. i figured it out. In the end needed to recreate every package and app....
  23. I added a our Client IP range to our boundry and removed the test IP range from the boundry, and now my clients are having issues downloading packages. The clients installed fine. I go to download a package on a client and it sits at 0%. My OSD sit at the same step. Here is part of my error log from DataTransferService log <![LOG[Error sending DAV request. HTTP code 404, status 'Not Found']LOG]!><time="10:04:34.913+240" date="07-24-2012" component="DataTransferService" context="" type="3" thread="5760" file="util.cpp:629"> <![LOG[GetDirectoryList_HTTP('http://xxxxx.xxxxx.xxxx:8...-ac07-ac3b21af59c3.1') failed with code 0x87d0027e.]LOG]!><time="10:04:34.913+240" date="07-24-2012" component="DataTransferService" context="" type="3" thread="5760" file="util.cpp:688"> <![LOG[Non-recoverable error retrieving manifest (0x87d0027e).]LOG]!><time="10:04:34.913+240" date="07-24-2012" component="DataTransferService" context="" type="2" thread="5760" file="dtsjob.cpp:1184"> It worked perfectly fine before and I just installed a webdav part as it was something I found on the internet that may help. Any one have suggestions?
  24. I sometimes throw in a reboot if the PC is having issues with installing certain appliations without rebooting. I have had issues with acrobat before.
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