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How can I setup Operations Manager 2007 - Part 2


Step 1. Add IIS and required role services


The Reporting Services functions within System Center Operations Manager require the IIS role and specific IIS role services in order to function, so we will install them now.


Log on to the server with an account with Local Administrative permissions.


IE: log on as a user that is a member of the OpsMgrAdmins Security Group in AD.



Start Server Manager, Click Roles and Add Roles




On the Before You Begin page, click Next,




On the Select Server Roles page, check Web Server (IIS),




in the Add features required for Web Server (IIS)? page that pops up, click Add required features and click Next




On the Select Server roles page verify Web Server (IIS) is selected and click Next




On the Introduction to IIS page click Next






On the Select Role Services page, check the following roles, then click Next


Web Server

Common HTTP Features


Static Content Installed

Default Document Installed

Directory Browsing Installed

HTTP Errors Installed

HTTP redirection Installed


Application Development

ASP.NET, Installed (add the required features when prompted)

.NET Extensibility Installed

ASP Not Installed

CGI Not Installed

ISAPI Extensions Installed

ISAPI Filters Installed

Server Side Includes Not Installed


Health And Diagnostics

HTTP Logging Not Installed

Logging Tools Not Installed

Request Monitor Not Installed

Tracing Not Installed

Custom Logging Not Installed

ODBC Logging Not Installed



Basic Authentication Not Installed

Windows Authentication Installed

Digest Authentication Not Installed

Client Certificate Mapping Authentication Not Installed

IIS Client Certificate Mapping Authentication Not Installed

URL Authorization Not Installed

Request Filtering Installed

IP and Domain Restrictions Not Installed



Static Content Compression Not Installed

Dynamic Content Compression Not Installed


Management Tools

IIS Management Console Installed

IIS Management Scripts and Tools Not Installed

Management Service Not Installed


IIS 6 Management Compatibility


IIS 6 Metabase Compatability Installed

IIS 6 WMI Compatability Installed

IIS 6 Scripting Tools Installed

IIS 6 Management Console Installed


FTP Publishing Service

FTP Server Not Installed

FTP Management Console Not Installed


On the Confirm Installation Selections page, click Install




On the Installation Results page, click Close




Click Start, Run and type Services.msc, click OK

Verify that the World Wide Web Publishing Service is started and that the startup mode is set to Automatic, if not, configure it to automatic and start it.



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Step 2. Add .NET Framework 3.0 Components and Powershell


Install .NET Framework 3.0 Components and Powershell


Start up Server Manager and scroll down to Features, click on Add Features.


Expand the .NET Framework 3.0 features and select


.NET Framework 3.0




scroll down and select Windows Powershell




click Next to proceed and at the confirm installation selections screen click on Install




click Close when done




Continue on to Part 3. Install SQL Server 2005 sp3

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