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SCCM PXE problems

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Hey everyone,


I'm new to SCCM and i want to install a client with SCCM PXE. I've already installed SCCM. this is my setup:


Server 1: WDS, SCCM, IIS, WSUS.

(virtual server)Server 2: DHCP, DNS, AD DS

And i want to install a client in Hyper-V.


The problem is: Every time when i boot the client, it keeps asking me for a boot image in wds. When i add a boot image in WDS , it works. But i want it to use SCCM.


i've tried a couple of things such as:

- enable option 66 en 67 (ip adres of the wds server and the bootfile name: SMSBoot\x86\wdsnbp.com)

- enable PXE in the DP

- added images etc.

- uninstalled wds and the DP, and after a reboot installed PXE in the DP


Im searching for a solution pretty long now but i can't get it fixed. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

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I uninstalled the DP and WDS service again, removed the Remoteinstall folder, and deleted the content in %windir%\temp . After a reboot i installed the PXE service in the DP. And when i reboot now, i get the message: PXE-E32: TFTP open timeout


i've read somewhere that SCCM would make the Remoteinstall folder if you install the PXE service on the DP. But this folder hasn't be made yet.


Does anyone know where this folder should be located? the previous Remoteinstall folder was located on my E: drive


[Edit] The WDS Service doesn't start, becouse i got errors asking for images.

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Here is great post on how to reinstall the WDS and PXE Point succesfully.



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i have uninstalled the wds service and dp again. after a reboot i installed the dp with the pxe services. after a while my wds service started and made the remoteinstall folder. I distrubuted the images again and when i boot the client i get the following:


Downloaded WDSNBP from (my wds&SCCM server ip)


WDSNBP started using DHCP Referal.

Contacting server: (my wds&sccm server ip) (Gateway:

No response from Windows Deployment Services server.

Launching pxeboot.com...


Press F12 for network service boot.

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You have made the task sequence available and not mandatory thus the reason why you see the "Press F12 for network service boot" at the end......if it was mandatory it would automatically start to download the boot.wim


Also I see you are getting DHCP referral....do you have VLANs?


If so you will have to set IP helpers to get rid of this.....it may work for a while or even forever the way it is setup at the moment..... but best practices is to have IP helpers configured.

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I had some settings wrong on my dp. My dp was configured to let the clients comunicate with HTTPS. So the Clients probably couldn't respond. I reïnstalled the dp again with the HTTP option.

And when i boot the client now, i get the SCCM background and stuff but after the "Windows is starting now" screen it suddenly reboots. going to search for some info now.

thnx everyone

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hello again


So i forgot to add the ip of the server with the DNS role to the scope. After i added option 006 with the ip adres of the DNS server, it went passed "Preparing network connection" i was able to choose a task sequence. When i choose one, it loads for a very short time, like 1 seconde,and after that i get this message:

This task sequence cannot be run becouse the program files for (package id) cannot be located on a distribution point. For more information, contact your system administrator or helpdesk operator.


So i tought hmmkay lets distribute that package and get the stuff working. but the distribution of the package keeps going. it has been on yellow for like 2/3 hours instead of red or green. what could be this problem?


the package is called: Configuration Manager-clientpackage ( i use a dutch version of SCCM so the name can be a bit different).


when i watch the status it says: content is being distributed to the distribution point. Can someone help me?


Thanks in Advance

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I would say - rebuild the package and distributed to the distribution point again.

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