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  1. I mean which collection that listed the unknown computer? I went to "All unknow computer" collection and no there. Also checked "All Systems" collection, no there. So where did they go? Thanks
  2. Windows Installer Error 1619 When You Install from NTFS-Protected Directories http://support.microsoft.com/kb/316309
  3. Thank you for your time. However I run wbemtest and wmimgmt.msc on the PC that show “Could not find the policy in WMI for SCCM-Test-Package”, it didn't show any WMI problem.
  4. 80004005 is an access denied issue, so check network access account set up and network driver correctly.
  5. Thanks. However I am still think: the package is deployed to 4000 PCs (Desktop), 90% are Succeeded. I mean, it's same package source file.
  6. Here is the code that you can use to find whether your server is Physical or VMWare box. This code uses Win32_ComputerSystem WMI class to query for Manufacturer property. On Physical servers, this property will give you the name of real manufacturer. While, on Virtual servers, it will give you "VMWare Inc." for VMWare boxes. '---------------------------------------------------------------------------- strComputer = "." wscript.echo getMachineType(strComputer) function GetMachineType(strComputer) Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:" _ & "{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" & st
  7. Hi guys We deployment SCCM-Test-Package to 4000 PCs (Desktop) recently, 90% are Succeeded. I checked the execmgr.log that PChas failed. And found “Could not find the policy in WMI for package 9000046A program 01-[Desktop]-SCCM-Test-Package”. So first I think this is WMI issues. But later on I checked the execmgr.log of some PCs that shows Succeeded, it has same message in log file. Did some google, someone said it’s a bug of SCCM 2012 SP1. But someone said this is relate to WMI that broken by other application. I am lost. So anybody has same issues before? Thanks
  8. It's seem network issues. Next time, press F8 to get in command windows, run IPCONFIG to see it can get IP adress.
  9. Niall is expert in SCCM. I like sccm guide that he write. However, I want full understand the SCCM 2012 from begin to end. My job is keep me busy, so I don't have too much time and go to training. Any recommand? Thanks a lot.
  10. Thanks, but I go to properties of the task sequence, didn't see deployments tab. ONly General, Advanced and Security tab.
  11. Thanks, but I go to properties of Collection, select the deployments tab, I can see the task sequence, but I didn't found any remove button. How do I delete the TS?
  12. For example: I created Task Sequence that call A, and created collection that call B. I deploy the A to B, however later on, I need remove A from B. But I didn't found any remove button in properties of Collection B. Current I think can delete Collection B. But if I still need Collection B, so any good idea? Thanks a lot.
  13. Thanks, Peter. Let's say, we have 800 laptops and desktops need upgade from xp to windows 7, so do you think 3 months is enough to complete this task? if only one IT guy here.
  14. How can I upgrade xp to Windows 7 by remote in SCCM 2012? One idea is use remote desktop. However do we have best and easy way to do this updrade task? Thanks
  15. Reboot SCCM server and re-import computer mac again
  16. You may need to enable/activate .Net 4 For example, on a 64-bit computer that runs the .NET Framework version 4.0.30319, run the following command: %windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\aspnet_regiis.exe –i –enable
  17. The log is show "<![LOG[Failed to access source file (2). Waiting for retry...]LOG]!><time="16:46:12.507+240" date="05-31-2013" component="ccmsetup" context="" type="2" thread="3648" file="ccmsetup.cpp:5665">" Please check your network access account or you may try use local administrator account.
  18. I would say - rebuild the package and distributed to the distribution point again.
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