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How can I configure Operations Manager 2007 - Part 3

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Please Note: This guide is not finished yet, while you see this line you can be sure that this post is not complete.



Step 1. Verify Reporting Services in SQL


Note: Failure to do this step will most likely result in SRS Server Validation errors when you try to do Step 2 below.



Verify that the SQL reporting Service is started, open Server Manager, Configuration, Services and check the SQL Reporting Services Service, if it is not started then start it.




You can also check that these are running by opening a web browser and checking the following addresses






if neither of them respond then either the reporting service is not started or you need to reinstall SQL reporting services.

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Step 2. Install Operations Manager 2007 Reporting


Before you perform this procedure, be sure that the account you plan to use for the Data Warehouse Write Account has SQL Login rights and is an Administrator on the computers hosting both the Operations Manager database and Reporting data warehouse. Otherwise, setup fails and all changes are rolled back, which might leave SQL Reporting Services in an inoperable state.


Log on to the SCOM server with Local Administrative Permissions and run SetupOM.exe from the SCOM installation media, click Install Operations Manager 2007 Reporting when the System Center Operations Manager 2007 Setup screen appears.




When the Welcome to the Operations Manager 2007 Reporting Setup Wizard appears, click Next




accept the terms in the license agreement and click Next




In the Product Registration screen, leave the defaults and click Next




At the Custom Setup screen, make sure the location is set to D:\Program Files\System Center Operations Manager 2007 and click Next,




verify that the This component and all dependent components will be installed on local disk drive is selected for both Data Warehouse and Reporting Services




The installer will do a PreRequisite check and if you get any warnings you will need to read the log by clicking on View Log. (I got a warning about the amount of RAM in my SCOM server, it's a virtual machine with only 512mb ram and SCOM recommends 2GB).




On the Connect to the Root Management Server screen, type the name of the Root Management Server and click Next,




leave the SQL Server Database Instance settings as they are,




For the Database and Log file settings, you could consider setting the Database to 5000MB (default is 1000), but as this is a lab, we shall leave it as it is..if you had your DB and LOG files stored on SAN drives it would be here that you could define their location by clicking on the Advanced button. We are just creating a lab so go with the defaults.




Review the SQL server reporting services server value (leave it as is) and click next




If you get the SRS validation errors then do as follows


1. COPY the ResetSRS.exe file in SupportTool folder of OM 2007 to C:\. (Of

course, you can run this file in OM folder.)

2. Then open the COMMAND PROMP and change your path to C:\.

3. Type "ResetSRS.exe MSSQLSERVER" where MSSQLSERVER is your


4. Then open Reporting Services Configuration Console in your Program Menu

and select Web Service Identity and on the right side click Apply.

5. Finally, reinstall your reporting service by running OMSetup.exe again.


For the Data Warehouse Write Account screen, type the credentials of the Data Warehouse Write Action Account which we created in Setup Part 1 (OpsMgrDWWAA) and click Next




Next we have to se the Data Reader Account so enter the credentials of the Data Reader Account which we created in Setup Part 1 (OpsMgrDRA) and click Next




For Operational Data Reports, leave it on No and click next




And click on Install when the ready to install the program screen appears




and finally after a long install you should see the completing the operations manager reporting components setup wizard screen




click Finish to exit.

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