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Advice needed: deploying SSCM in multi-domain and multi-enterprise environment

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my name is Paul. I'm an employee in a relatively small enterprise (about 700 persons), let's call it Comp-A. My collegue and me are about to make up an SCCM hierarchy for our enterprise. We need to present it next week, which is a bit short, alas. And here are things getting complicated. I'll explain our situation. SCCM will we used to deploy pc's, servers and mobile devices for ourselves. Comp-A consists of three buildings in one city and two sattelites in two other cities. Bandwidth is no problem, we have enough fibers. So Comp-A could do with one primary site and no CAS. BUT.
There is also Comp-B, about 1400 employees, this company has her own domain and her own buildings. It is totally independent. But the firewalls between Comp-A and B are wide open, due to policital reasons. We are twins.
There is also Comp-C, about 120 employees. It's the same scenario: it's a seperate company but the firewalls are wide open. So we aren't twins, we are three !
Next, we have Comp-D and Comp-E. For those two we deliver pc's and their configurations and updates etc.
You get the picture, Comp-A is what you could call a "service provider" for the other companies. We live in some kind of symbiose with them.
Now, knowing all this, how would you organise SCCM? CAS/no CAS? SQL remote or local? Primary site in every Comp or not? And what about redundancy and high availability? We do have a huge data center with hundreds of virtual servers, fibers everywhere, a SAN, so resources are no problem.

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I hope this isn't too late for you:


We're running a site hierarchy CAS + 2 PRI but the reason for that is specific to our needs.


If you check youtube for TechEd 2013 in New Zealland, there's a lot of information about SCCM2012 R2. One presenter asks whether anyone is using a CAS. Only 1 person is and he indicates this is a bad thing to do. Why? I haven't yet worked out. If you watch it and work it out please let me know.


Good luck with the design


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Hi 1putt, no it's not too late. In the meantime we've been implementing and optimizing MDT 2013, which is due to go in production. Nice product ! But we still have absolutely no idea how to implement SCCM. A system architect advices us to go the multitenant way but it's easier said then done. All these enterprises have a huge vertical hierarchy and things move very slow here.

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