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  1. Hi, a noob to the forums. Hope some of the experts here can help fast-track me in SCCM and R2 in particular. The issues I've found are likely Windows related rather than SCCM specific. Please bear with me I'm from a 30 year Unix background. Our current environment is 2K8R2 with 2012- (no SP) in a site hierarchy CAS + multiple PRI. All works as expected. I'm rolling out R2 in parallel with the aim of eventually switching all clients over to the new config and retiring the 2012- installation. The reason for NOT creating a separate network is to allow us to have access to the existing SQL server (different instances of course), ADC and supporting DNS, etc. The problem we've faced is that the new installation is now interfering with the old. Most noticeably when building a new PC the new installation interferes with the build process and resulting builds fail. I've disabled all discovery on the R2 install but the new client is still being rolled out to existing devices. What I'd like to do in the R2 installation is manually control which devices get the new client and prevent existing devices from being "clobbered". Can anyone point me to the steps needed to keep the new installation segregated from the old until it's ready and then roll over to the new installation? Thanks.
  2. I hope this isn't too late for you: We're running a site hierarchy CAS + 2 PRI but the reason for that is specific to our needs. If you check youtube for TechEd 2013 in New Zealland, there's a lot of information about SCCM2012 R2. One presenter asks whether anyone is using a CAS. Only 1 person is and he indicates this is a bad thing to do. Why? I haven't yet worked out. If you watch it and work it out please let me know. Good luck with the design
  3. Noob to the site: Appreciate it's an old post.... Sometimes the simple things trip us up: We have a hierarchy running 2012 R2. "Import drivers" on the CAS gives the errors as described. There is no warning given that you can't or shouldn't run the import on the CAS. If you try to import drivers and there is no DriverCatalog.log file, then you need to move to a primary server and try again. I haven't confirmed what service / role the server requires to import drivers but I would like to think the CAS would allow importing drivers into the hierarchy.... Importing the drivers on the first Primary server works fine. I'll have to check whether this flows to the second Primary when it comes online. 1 extra "gotcha": You may receive errors when importing drivers. Check the DriverCatalog.log file. You may find they're simply warnings that there are duplicate drivers. I believe these are incorrectly recorded as failures. They should be categorised as warnings only.
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