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  1. Hi, I have removed a couple of windows updates from a recent deployment by deleting them on the server and manually removed the update from the computer. But each time the scan cycle is carried out, the update is re-installed. Do i just need to re-run the ADR? Please help
  2. We are currently using MDT and the way we update the images is to deploy the current image to a workstation and then add the updates. Now sysprep and capture the image. For SCCM, you can now inject new updates into the win without it being deployed.
  3. Install MDT 2012 onto the WDS box to get more functionality from deployment first. Then when you PXE boot a client, you will see two options for the correct PXE environment. Select x86 or x64 and then the correct image will be deployed.
  4. I have never gone through that process with my clients. I sysprep my image before deployment and never seen any issues on 1000+ client's
  5. I put my client in the image like you suggest. There should not be any problem, as old client versions will be automatically upgraded once the client checks in
  6. This is usual behaviour for when you set deadlines. By giving a deadline of five days, you are saying that the laptops are given 5 days to get the updates. Those laptops that reach the deadline, will be forced to install once the time limit is reached. I used to use the deadlines, but to be honest, I found them a pain and now simple choose ASAP for all my deployments.
  7. Hi, I have a stage 3 collection for windows update that is running at the moment. For some reason, the collection query is pulling through a certain number of computers but when i look in my compliance report i see a different number of computers, which is lower. Any ideas? Do I need to re-deploy as I added more members during the deployment
  8. Very cool! Shame that 248,000 views were probably from me
  9. There are lots on the market. I personally use changeip.com for my CCTV etc. DNS updates are every 5 minutes
  10. What network access account are you using to run the install? Have you checked effective permissions on the share to simulate access? Try testing by putting the files into a new share with full permission for everyone.
  11. The error code you receive (80004005) is an access denied error if that helps? I had a similar error and could not work it out. I re created the ts in the end and it was fixed. Weird
  12. I have taken a look at the boundaries and noticed that the laptop was using the wireless connection even though a ethernet cable was plugged in. The wireless IP is different to the wired and I only had the wired IPS set in boundary. I have disabled the wireless and hope to see a change in the collection details now
  13. Hi, I have a collection setup for new machines that has rigorous polling enabled to ensure that all windows updates are fully compliant and SCEP in installed and updated. I have a custom Client Settings that is set to for 5 mins and only deployed the collection mentioned but i have noticed that even though updates are being deployed and SCEP installed, the collection still lists these few machines as no client. SCEP is definitely installed and the updates are being rolled out. I presume that its just some polling that is not being picked up, but i thought that my setting of 5 mins would resolve this? Thanks Deano
  14. Hi, I currently have three separate stages for Windows 7 Monthly updates. At the moment, each stage uses its own deployment package and i heard that you could utilize the same deployment package for each of the stages?
  15. Hi, Im currently running SCCM 2012 along side my existing SCCM 2007 but with limited boundaries for testing. I have created a number of collections and created a few ADRs for Endpoint, Windows 7 Updates and Office 2010. This new feature is one of the best i have seen but i just wanted to see what other users of SCCM 2012 are doing for their updates? My current Windows 7 and Office updates run monthly on the second wednesday to pickup the Patch Tuesday updates, but by the following month, those updates would have been overwritten by the ADR rule that is in place or are appended? How do people cater for new machines that are built with a six month old image? I dont use OSD through SCCM yet but use MDT 2012 from a different server. Im working through the guides to get this working but with MDT intergration.
  16. Thanks for getting back to me, but the change to Like has not worked. I have tried to update collection membership as well but the 2003 servers still remain. Is it becuase im trying to poll two seperate AD OUs?
  17. Hi, I have a few location for servers and i am trying to create a query that pulls in the servers. I can get the collection to work by polling the two OU's but this pulls through some legacy 2003 servers. to get rid of these, i have added query for the OS version. When i add the OS version, i get nothing in the collection?? select SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceID,SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceType, SMS_R_SYSTEM.Name,SMS_R_SYSTEM.SMSUniqueIdentifier ,SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceDomainORWorkgroup,SMS_R_SYST EM.Client from SMS_R_System where (SMS_R_System.SystemOUName = "test.internal/test_domain/test_member_servers" or SMS_R_System.SystemOUName = "test.internal/Domain Controllers") and SMS_R_System.OperatingSystemNameandVersion = "%server%6.0%"
  18. Hi there, How do people manage new updates that are sent out from Microsoft? In my usual WSUS setup, i would receive emails when new updates had been synchronised under the criteria i specifiy. Can i do this with the WSUS that is insatlled on the SCCM server or will it cause issues?
  19. I'm really sorry! I worked out that the Operating System Install package is the location of the install DVD and the Operating System Install is the custom WIM location
  20. Hi, Newbie SCCM user here! First of all let me say how good the guides on here are. Now, i use SCCM for deploying packages in my setup but use MDT for image deployment. There really has not been any need to do this via SCCM until now so i need to get this up and running. I have a custom wim file that has been captured with MDT that i will use for SCCM deployment. I have added the image and created a task sequence. The query i have is that i have not been able to specify any source files from a Windows 7 CD. Am i missing something?
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