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  1. Resolved this one: 1. Using UDI add domain and OUs 2.TS variable Options section = OSDDomainOUName condition = equals Value = OU=COMPUTERS,OU=IT SERVICES,OU=CLIENT MANAGEMENT,DC=mydomain,DC=LOCAL 3. on the same Step TS Variable = OSDComputerName Value = LAPW7T-%SerialNumber% 4. Make sure and put this step or group after Apply Network Settings
  2. I have been wrestling with for sometime. SCCM 2012 sp1 MDT 2012 Integration I am using UDI Wizard along wth customsettings.ini Goal: I want to have users get the UDI wizard and choose the settings like what OU they want the computer to go into during the task sequence. I then want the computer name to be based on the OU that has been chosen eg: If the user picks Eastern Regions in the UDI Wizard then during the taks sequence the name of the computer will be be based on the OU that the computer is put int for example - EASw7L-%serial% I need help understanding how to setup the variables using OSDDomainOUName if needed and what step to use this in the Join Domain vs Apply Network Settings. We can do a remote connection so you can see whats going on if that will make things easier. Thanks for any help with this!
  3. Your probably right on it being a trivial thing however I was thinking of doing this to have a back up for deployments if SCCM PXE goes down which I have encountered in the past. I simply was hoping to be able to use the MDT boot.wims to boot over to the MDT share and run the deployment via customsettings.ini Anyway if anyone else is interested I did find something that has worked perfectly for me mind you this may be ideal for a test enviroment but not so much for the production. Its pretty quick and easy to follow! Solution: http://www.stephan-schwarz.net/?p=58
  4. Hi ALL, I have the following: 1.SCCM 2012 server = 1 2. MDT Server = 1 I want to use MDT as a back up if SCCM fails to deploy OSD for reasons like packages in TS are failed or something like that nature. I would like to be able to boot machines using SCCM PXE then be able to choose an MDT TS from the menu. Then using the MDT boot file be able to boot and connect to the MDT server share and run the customsettings.ini file that would then perform the zerotouch MDT deployment. I have a MDT zerotouch deployment thats been tested via MDT ts and MDT PXE and it works well however when I try to run it using SCCM via SCCM PXE and using the same MDT boot.wim thats been uploaded to the SCCM server .... it loads the MDT boot wim then craps out without running my customsettings.ini. I have also tried the mdt\sccm integration however I am having some issues running the mdt customsettings.ini within the SCCM ts. Some assistance with this would be greatly appreciated. If you can include specific instructions and screenshots would als be useful.
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