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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Guys, Does anyone have a HTA or powershell front end that i can use , or suggestions on how to use a current one out there, my requirements are pretty simple i think. We have about 100 different sites in 4 different countries, and we now name our computers with the following format OFFICE-Serial where office is a 7 digit identifier for the office, and serial is the last 7 digits of the serial number. Lets say i have the following. >England >>Manchester >>London >> South London >Scotland >>Inverness >>Edinburgh Names would
  2. I have been wrestling with for sometime. SCCM 2012 sp1 MDT 2012 Integration I am using UDI Wizard along wth customsettings.ini Goal: I want to have users get the UDI wizard and choose the settings like what OU they want the computer to go into during the task sequence. I then want the computer name to be based on the OU that has been chosen eg: If the user picks Eastern Regions in the UDI Wizard then during the taks sequence the name of the computer will be be based on the OU that the computer is put int for example - EASw7L-%serial% I need help understanding how to setup t
  3. Hello, I have trouble getting a VBS script to work in SCCM 2012, this script worked without problems in sccm in 2007. It is used when we want to install an operating system to harddrive to be installed to another computer of the same model. In Task sequence it runns before "Apply Operating System". The Command Line: cscript.exe %deployroot%\scripts\EnterComputerName.vbs Here is the script: 'Code Snippet Dim env, objRegEx Dim Matches, Match Dim strPattern, strInputBox, strReason Dim boolLength, boolValid Set ProgressUI = CreateObject("Microsoft.SMS.TsProgressUI") Progress
  4. Hi! I'm having some issues with a .vbscript made for renaming computer during a task sequence. The issue is that it works for renaming virtual machines, but also a physical HP, the way it's supposed to (name of choosing + last 6 digits of serialnumber). However it fails on a customers physical Lenovo machine. The Lenovo machine sets the first part of name correctly, but completely ignores the fact that it's supposed to cut the serialnumber to the last 6 digits, meaning sometimes the machinename goes above 15 characters. The vbscript is run right after formating the disk, as seen on this pi
  5. Anyone know of an easy way to name a computer to its serial number during OSD? I have a vbs script that I used under Altiris but how/where would I inject this script during OSD?
  6. I have two TS, one for known computers with allready installed the agent (migrate compname is on) and another for unknown computers, on this one you need to fill in the computer name during WinPE. This method works fine for Win 7 and Vista. On XP there is a problem: We work with a full operating installer in combination with an unattend.txt For allready known and unknown computers the compputername is forgotten and a dynamic name is given. How do i fix this? Please advise.
  7. Hello, at the moment I am testing sccm2012 because I have to deploy Windows 7 (with oem licenses) on a lot of exsting and new clients. I use a unattend.xml with that I disable/ skip the window to insert the windows 7 product key. Is there a chance that the client get the right computername and oem product key before it join the domain. Could the client search in a excel table (or small database) with its mac address for the corresponding computername and product key in the same line? With what toolkit (maybe MDT?) or script can I realize this? Thanks for your help Wolf
  8. Hello, To start with some info. Our company runs SCCM 2007 R3 and we are migrating all XP machines to 7x86. All computers that are connected to the network by a fast or medium LAN/WAN connection run fine with the use of one primary and a couple of secondary sites that initiate OSD by Client or PXE. The problem that I have exists only to the small slow WAN branch offices that we want to migrate using USB keys that are offcourse created with the TS Media Wizard. So far everything works splendid as the image deploys nicely and when done SCCM does the rest. The problem I have is that t
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