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  1. I have two TS, one for known computers with allready installed the agent (migrate compname is on) and another for unknown computers, on this one you need to fill in the computer name during WinPE. This method works fine for Win 7 and Vista. On XP there is a problem: We work with a full operating installer in combination with an unattend.txt For allready known and unknown computers the compputername is forgotten and a dynamic name is given. How do i fix this? Please advise.
  2. also an error when I try to make/import a new application........ SMSProv.log is showing: *** *** Unknown SQL Error! SMS Provider 23-11-2012 7:30:01 2136 (0x0858) *~*~*** Unknown SQL Error! ThreadID : 2136 , DbError: 50000 , Sev: 16~*~* SMS Provider 23-11-2012 7:30:01 2136 (0x0858) *** if (object_id('tempdb..#sp_setupci_resultstr') IS NOT NULL) select * from #sp_setupci_resultstr; else select N''; SMS Provider 23-11-2012 7:30:01 2136 (0x0858) *** [24000][0][Microsoft] Invalid cursor stateSMS Provider 23-11-2012 7:30:01 2136 (0x0858) *~*~[24000][0][Microsoft][sql Server Na
  3. DriverCatalog.log: Returning 1 driver definition. DriverCatalog 22-11-2012 15:08:36 2476 (0x09AC) CreateFromINF("\\SCCMACC01\Sources\Drivers\WinPEx64\E9900\lan", "E1K62x64.INF") DriverCatalog 22-11-2012 15:33:16 2476 (0x09AC) Initializing driver digest from '\\SCCMACC01\Sources\Drivers\WinPEx64\E9900\lan\E1K62x64.INF' DriverCatalog 22-11-2012 15:33:19 2476 (0x09AC) Successfully initialized driver digest. DriverCatalog 22-11-2012 15:33:19 2476 (0x09AC) Returning 1 driver definition. DriverCatalog 22-11-2012 15:33:19 2476 (0x09AC) SMSProv.log: Updating SDM content definiti
  4. When I try to import any driver true the wizard. These errors are shown: Error: Some driver(s) can not be imported successfully. See following details. Error: Failed to import the following drivers: IntelĀ® 82567LM-3 Gigabit Network Connection - An error occurred while importing the selected driver. Add drivers to the following boot images:Boot image (x64) Boot images will not be updated on distribution points. I use a remote SQL server and one primary site. Any ideas? (when I do the same in a test envoirement on a test sccm server with a local sql server, everything w
  5. Same for me, please advise how to create the collection. What need to choose at "limiting collection" and what queru rule i need to use....
  6. problem fixed; settings in tcp/ip properties of the sql instance service. ip1, ip2, ip3 and ipall all set to enabled and filled in the tcp port. another question: installation account and computeraccount are member of the local admin group. When the installation is finished, are these rights still necessary?
  7. Yes it is, the installation domain account is a member of the local admin group on the appl server and also on the remote sql server. Even the computeraccount is a member off the local admin group and added in the sql management studio to the sccm instance and has the sysadmin role.
  8. During installation I receive an error: ConfigMgrSettupWizard.log shows: 7-11-2012 11:30:39: ConfigMgrSetupWizard Verbose: 1 : Report progress callback. Progress stage: 50, Progress state: 0. 7-11-2012 11:30:39: ConfigMgrSetupWizard Verbose: 1 : Received setup progress [Evaluating setup environment] from native code. 7-11-2012 11:30:41: ConfigMgrSetupWizard Verbose: 1 : Report failure callback. Failure: 103. 7-11-2012 11:30:41: ConfigMgrSetupWizard Information: 1 : Cancelling asynchronous threads... 7-11-2012 11:30:41: ConfigMgrSetupWizard Information: 1 : Notified monitoring
  9. I need to migrate to Config Manager 2012. But I want to know if it's easier to wait for the final release off sp1.
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