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  1. Yep, Figured that they won't save under RP directory. I meant to ask, is there a recommended location for the Virtual directory which is specified under report manager URL section? Thanks!!
  2. Hello, I have been creating custom reports in SCCM using SSRS for a few months now. Just today, I was trying to back up all the reports and I can't find the custom reports folder under my **/Program Files/SMS_SRSRP/Reports folder. Are they saved under a different location? Thanks in advance!!! Sana
  3. Hi.. I'm in a weird situation . This morning we found out our primary 1 has lost many desktops(75% of the company systems) from the console(do not know the exact reason yet). So at the end of the day we started recovering the primary 1(site server and data base) with the backups and it was successful. We were about to say woohoo, lets wrap it up and go home ...But As soon as the primary 1 restored all the data from backup files, CAS started replicating the current data (25% data) making the primary go back to the messed up state. Now, we do not want to recover the CAS and the primary 2
  4. Hi Eswar, I want to generate a list of users the app is targeted to and their machines where this application is installed on. I have created this below report which is giving some information but i'm not quite sure where this is coming from exactly as it is not accurate. SELECT DISTINCT ada.CollectionName, ada.MachineName, ada.UserName, ass.displayname FROM vAppDeploymentAssetData as ada INNER JOIN vAppStatSummary as ass ON ada.AppCI = ass.AppCI INNER JOIN vUsersPrimaryMachines as upm ON ada.MachineID = upm.MachineID WHERE ass.DisplayName LIKE @AppName Thanks Much
  5. Hi, I'm fairly new to SSRS . I'm trying to create a custom report which should give me a list of users for a specific application deployment(User based collection). Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks much!! Sana
  6. I figured out what's goin on. This errors are caused by the numerous AD loops in our environment(Huge binary values). Which we have to live with for next few months.
  7. This will help. Run Vssadmi list writers on the srver and see which ones failed. In my case Sql server writer and sms writer failed. I had to update the logon account details for sql server writer from system account to admin account nd restart the service. Also changed the backup schedule. This worked for me.
  8. Here are the contents of ddr file.. This is for users. FV° ) <User> BEGIN_PROPERTY <8><Unique User Name><19><32><rrr\kyuyu> END_PROPERTY BEGIN_PROPERTY <0><User Name><19><32><kyuyu> END_PROPERTY BEGIN_PROPERTY <0><Full User Name><19><32><kyuyu> END_PROPERTY BEGIN_PROPERTY <0><Windows NT Domain><19><32><rrr> END_PROPERTY BEGIN_PROPERTY <0><Full Domain Name><19><32><CORP.yuyuyuyuy.C OM> END_PROPERTY BEGIN_PROPERTY <0><Disti
  9. Hi, I am seeing this critical error on my primary. SMS_DISCOVERY_DATA_MANAGER Message ID 2636 and 620. Every time its a new DDR and there are tons of them. Discovery Data Manager failed to process the discovery data record (DDR) "D:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\auth\ddm.box\userddrsonly\adu65oa0.DDR", because it cannot update the data source. Possible cause: On a Primary site, it is probably a SQL Server problem. Solution: 1. Review the immediately preceding status messages from this component about SQL Server errors. 2. Verify that this computer can reac
  10. Updating the distribution point worked for some of those failed applications. But few of them struck at waiting status. When I checked cache the source was not downloaded completely. I tried creating new advertisements but it did not help. Same hing happening again and again. What should I do now? Thanks Sana
  11. Yes. I advertised the application on 02/10/2012 10:42AM and it showed up on the client at 6:27AM 02/11/2012. Execmgr.log shows the same time as the report.
  12. The advertised applications finally showed up on my client but it took more tahn 1 day for this. Is there any partular reason behind that? How can reduce that time?
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