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  1. i have the same issue on a few machines and my schema was updated fine even reinstalling doesnt seem to correct the issue any ideas?
  2. this did not work for me, i looked through the log files in my last post and ran the commands manually in CMD after i uninstalled both the services
  3. Hi having the 404 issues as well with my SCCM install now it appears that the CMApplicationCatalog folder for IIS is not being created hence the 404 reference I have reinstalled the Application services and also tried the ASP. Net 4 enable command and still hasnt fixed it, im now out of ideas as i have followed all parts of the tutorial to this point Here is the IIS Structure It appears that even though i have the components installed i have no trace of logs or components in the system itself Troubleshooting your Application Catalog If your test is not
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