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  1. If your joining a domain are you using the .\administrator for your logins and do you have your counters right?
  2. Whenever I create bootable media for any of my Task Sequences which were working there no longer is Task Sequence Wizard that comes up and ignores the whole process and the logs say that it found no "mandatory" assigned tasks so it quits. I have at least three deployments that are available, but it ignores it. I removed all the "unknown" devices to remove that possibility of it associating to those devices policies. Then I assigned it as mandatory and it works. Any insight would be great. I've tried recreating boot media, playing with Boundary groups, reassociating device collections/task sequences, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciate!!! Sincerely AnyNoob warbie smsts.log
  3. Has anyone had it where the menu selection doesn't display i have checked several logs and the only way to make it work is to have the device in a mandatory deployment device collection otherwise it goes through all the policies and ignores the available selections. I can post the log if that helps, but I'm stuck in bad way.
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