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  1. Hi, I have the exact same problem. On some locations. Others work fine....
  2. Sorry never heard of the "Pull DP" option. Where is that again? It seems that if I remove all the "failing" DPs from the package/application and then re-add them they are fine also for future updates. EDIT: That was not the case afterall. It looks better but still some failing Just need to find an easy way to remove 33 DPs on 100+ packages/applications and then re-add them.
  3. Hi, I have exactly the same problem. It is after SP1 without a doubt. For me the scenario is like this: Redistribute or validate makes no difference at all. If I completely remove the package/application it works. Creating a brand new app/package also works but updating any "old" package/app it fails. WOuld love to hear from anyone who has a solution to this. Thanks
  4. Hey, I have the same problem. Did you find a solution to this? Thanks
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