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  1. how does your updatesDeployment.log look? does it say "total actionable updates = xyz" where xyz is the number of updates the PC needs?


    also, under the "user experience" tab of the deployment, have you selected "Hide in Software Center and all Notifications" ? This will prevent updates from showing up in software center.

  2. Hey Guys,


    We're in the middle of a Windows 7 Migration using SCCM and I had a quick question about DPs.


    We have several sites that take longer to upgrade than our faster networks. I have installed the DP role onto a "1" Windows 7 Machine and plan on connecting the machine to the LAN of each site, as we move to a different site each week.


    Is it possible to move the DP physically and still have it work ok? My guess is, yes it will work, since the client should choose the local dp, based on the boundaries. Anyone have experience with this and can confirm this?



  3. Hey Guys,


    I've created two reports that I need to combine into 1 report.


    One report queries for "local MS Project' installed and the other queries for "app-v MS project" installed. I'm having a tough time getting the two reports to play well together. Ideally i'd like for the report columns to look something like this:


    Division/Department | PC Name | OS | MS Project Local | MS Project Virtual |


    Again, i've got two separate reports, but the 'uppers' have requested combining the data into one report. Is it possible?



    Any sql experts here? :-)



  4. Check this out: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/79465d90-4831-4872-96c2-2062d80f5583#BKMK_CreateStandAloneMedia



    Configuration Manager does not support the following actions for stand-alone media:

    • Automatic application of device drivers from the driver catalog.
    • Installing software updates.
    • Installing software before an operating system deployment.
    • Associating users with the destination computer to support user device affinity.
    • Installing dependencies for applications that are specified as part of the task sequence.
  5. Hey Guys


    We're running into some issues where the task sequence will hang at: "Setup Windows and Configuration Manager."


    I'm seeing this occur mostly on Optiplex 780s, and I'm not leaning toward isolating it toward that model, because we do have successes with that model. It's difficult to get a copy of the logs, since the PC is in a remote location. The last step is: "the task sequence engine performed a system reboote initiated by an action."




    Have you all run into this issue?

  6. Hey, it's my understanding that you can not specify 'SMSsiteCode' in the installation properties. It automatically detects that based on the site location you created the media. So if you have 1 CAS and 6 primaries: PS1, PS2, PS3, etc, and you wanted the site media to contain PS1 site code, you need to create the media from that specific site. Same goes for PS2, PS3, etc.


    From the SCCM Console, you would essentially connect to PS1 Site Server, create your standalone media and you should be good to go.


    Does this make sense?

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