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  1. Hi, We have been running our SCCM 2007 for a while now without any problems but recently we have deployed new images we noticed when trying to send updates or packages (advertisements) to the machine they were not applying. I have then checked on the collection for the machines and the client status shows as 'No' . We check the client machine and the client is installed but when comparing to other clients that show the client as yes under the Config manager Properties on the client , the Actions Tab only shows 2 Actions compard to 11 Actions on working clients. It seems as if the Config Mgr Client is only part installing. I have scoured the internet with no defnitive answer as yet and was just wondering if anyone her could shed some light on this matter? Thanks
  2. Hi, We are experiencing an issue where some laptops local Group policy (registry.pol) is not updating. Is it possible to produce a report or create a query that looks for a particuliar event ID no.?
  3. Thanks Deano, I had read similiar things but just wanted to double check! Not sure how your enviromnent is but i believe there i a concern that this may cause issues with bandwidth performance to set the updates to install to approx 25 - 30 test laptops??
  4. Hi, I have been recently introduced to SCCM 2007 and i'm happily deploying task sequences and updates. Aplogies if this has come up before but I'm just trying to establish if i'm doing anything wrong with my windows update deployments. The reason i ask is that I set these up with a scedule to deploy to test group over 5 days but the updates don't seem to hit the laptops until the last day. I would of thought the updates would of happened sporadically over the 5 days. Is this not the case with SCCM 2007 or am i doing something wrong? Thanks in advance :-)
  5. I can confirm SCCM Client center is a fantastic tool........does exactly what i wanted. Thanks GarthMJ
  6. Thanks again GarthMJ, this tool looks good....... All i need to do is convince the powers that be so i can install this on the SCCM server
  7. Thanks GarthMJ........just to confirm, with this tool i can run the same advertisement against the clients? As i understand once the advertisement has been advertised to the client and fails it usually does not run the same advertisement. I'm new to SCCM to apologies if the questions are basic!
  8. Hi, does this apply to failed software distribution task sequence when you get the error "The program for advertisement "............." failed (" .............- "*"). Operating System Deployment task sequences cannot run when the computer is on the Internet. The machines that received this error i understand will no longer try to re-run the advertisment. Is there anyway to manually deploy the task sequence or to distribute the software to individual or a group of clients?
  9. Actually.....just found this: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2783466 Has anyone had the opportunity to apply this and has it rectified the problem?
  10. Hi, I had succesfully deployed our January updates to our test group last week and connected to our SCCM server today and noticed most of the updates had a red icon. I have had a look on Technet and found: he red icon represents an invalid software update. Description: Invalid software updates are deployed but for some reason, the content (update file) is not available. There are 2 main ways this could happen – first is that updates get deployed successfully but sometime later someone deletes the update binary from a package; second is one a child site, where the deployment created at a parent site has been replicated successfully, but for some reason, the deployment packages have not been replicated to a distribution point for the child site But i had not updated the binary from a package (i have no idea where that is!) and this seemed to spread to all historical updates on the server. I did as suggested and re-downloaded the updates and so far they have remained green but i am concerned what may of triggered this and if it will happen again in the future Could someone please advise? Thanks
  11. Hi, I have checked the clients and i can now see that a hardware inventory is run every 7 days and today they should be updated and hopefully the query results will reflect this. I will update once this has been run.
  12. Thanks Jorgen, its just a query.......am i being silly but there is no option to Run the query again.......unless i guess i delete the query and recreate so that it Runs the query again? Is there no way to just force the query to refresh the results?
  13. Fortgot to mention this is in SCCM 2007
  14. Hi All, First apologies if this has come up before. I am currently deploying some updates but before i applied the updates i wanted to find what clients had the particuliar software version installed. The queries worked fine and i have successfully deployed the updates. Now the clients have the latest version of the software the queries should no longer produce the clients as results. But for some reason the queries seem to of not updated. Is there any way to force the query to update the results so it no longer shows these clients?
  15. Thanks for the feedback Peter33, as you mentioned we dumped a log file from the install and could see that the reboot was being forced as the file was locked. This file was being used by the anti virus so we created a package to stop the AV service and then ran the uninstall and the clients no longer did a reboot.
  16. Hi, we are using the command MsiExec.exe /X {26A24AE4-039D-4CA4-87B4-2F83216035FF} REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS /l*v C:\java35.txt /qn . As you can see we are dumping to a log file but this was added to try and see why it is rebooting.
  17. Hello, We have been able to deploy java update 37 but you need to unistall java 35 update if the client has this installed. Is there anyway to suppress the reboot as this is being forced by the unintstall of 35. So this can affect users that are working on a laptop as it does not give any warning, just starts the reboot action.
  18. Thanks.....that gave a good breakdown.
  19. Hello, I am new to SCCM and would like to know, how would i produce a report or a see a list of computers that received the Java update?
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