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  1. Here's one for you. I have some Windows XP PC's that dual boot between two partitions. One is commonly used and the other not. The countdown to select the more commonly used partition ( default ) sits at 999seconds. Like using the right click tools on a collection in sccm 2012, does anybody know of a way I could WOL then wait 20 seconds and send a signal 'return' key to select the default partition and start booting. Any help would be greatly appreciated. W
  2. Hi there, Just a quick one really. I'm trying to create a custom security role for my service desk in the organisation. As always I've started with the minimum and unlocking access for service desk staff as necessary. One has me stumped, I'm trying to allow 'Edit Primary Devices' for Users and Device from the right click sub menu and can't find were to enable it in the security role. I've found it handy to identify users to PC's and visa versa. It might be useful for the staff. Any ideas N
  3. Just wondering if anybody can help. I've added 'Partition Disk' element to my task sequence and it works well with a simple 100% partitioning. I want two different configurations to be used. Our PC naming convention is that most PC names start with {ST} ST-00000 and I would like them to configure 100% Partition size. A small amount of PC's start with {CR} eg CR-00000 and I would like them to partition 50% to be used and leave 50% untouched. I just can't figure out how I'm supposed to do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. W
  4. Hi There, I'm quite new to this OSD in SCCM 2012. I am having a problem with a wim file that is puzzling me in WindowsXP, here's the story; All is well with build and capture, task sequence is running, applying drivers and extra software. I want to make some registry changes to change the i386 path and stop JIT from applying Outlook Express for a new user profile. When I make the changes to the correct areas in the WIM. Update the Distribution Point and deploy the image, in the newly deployed registry the settings have reverted back to their original state. Is the registry being copied in from somewhere else. If anybody has any ideas were I might look it would be much appreciated. W
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