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  1. We are currently having a very disturbing issue in our environment. When we start to image about 30 or more devices at remote campuses (all connected via 1GB link or even 10GB) some computers fail to image properly. We can image a computer back at our central location and the task sequence completes and images just fine. However, at the remote campuses, we have noticed that it skips over packages during the imaging process. Sometimes it will start an install, such as Office, then the task sequence will move onto the next item on the list which ends up interfering with the office install and therefore office fails. Anybody run into this issue or have any ideas.
  2. This sounds like the infamous "SSD" install issue. If your "Install Application" step is coming right after a reboot then the computer probably hasn't had enough time to start up components. We had this effect us on old computers as well as new ones. We decided to use "Install Packages" for application installation. Those never seem to fail. http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/9214-install-applications-failing-in-osd-task-sequences/
  3. Hello, I need some help in figuring out why my site server crashes after I update packages to their Remote Distribution Points. We have had our SCCM environment in place since February and not had an issue until this month. We have had 5 BSODs this month. We thought the problem was resolved after we added an additional 12 GB of RAM to bring the total to 24 GB. I have noticed that it only crashes after I update packages or add new packages to distribution points. It doesn't do it all the time though. The time between the last crash and the most recent is 14 days. Anybody have any thoughts?
  4. We are currently using the following: 1 Site Server 1 SQL Box 1 Management Point 1 WSUS 4 OSDs 4 DPs Our imaging was working fine on Friday (3/15/2012). Today, Monday (3/18/2013), we are not able to image. We are getting to the Windows PE screen and right before Task Sequencing comes up, the computer restarts itself. We have tried several computers and have had the same issue. We had this issue 2 months back and rebuilt our SCCM environment from scratch. For the past month and a half we have had no issues. We are servicing about 35000 computers. The log on the restarting computers says, "Failed to get client identity". Any thoughts?
  5. Figured out how to do this. I just set up Protected DPs and this way only specific schools would hit specific servers.
  6. I am currently trying to image an HP Compaq Pro 6305 SFF and after it applies the drivers and image then reboots, it reboots back into a BSOD. Seems like it was a RAID/ACHI drive issue because I have a Z420 and it had the same issue until I loaded the correct drivers. However, I have injected the AMD drivers for the computer and have also added the same drivers to the driver package and still can not get the Windows OS to boot up. Windows 7 x86.
  7. I was wondering if SCCM 2007 had the capability to assign an OSD server to a specific subnet or range of IP addresses. I work in a school district managing about 35,000 computers and we currently have 3 OSD servers. We will be adding more soon. I already have 2 of those servers at other campuses. We have set our DHCP scope to point to their respective servers when PXE booting but when the OS Image is being applied, it seems to go to any server available. Any thoughts on how we can manage this?
  8. I tried using SCUP but when you download the file it has ".msu" as an extension. Is there a guide somewhere on how to convert and add to the SCUP? The reason why we want to do it that way instead of package deployment is because we want to monitor who has recieved it and who hasn't.
  9. I'm trying to figure out how to add KB2617858 to the software update point in SCCM. Microsoft does not have this in their update catalog. Anybody have any ideas?
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