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  1. Your container will be fine as long as you use a different site code. We have 2 fully functioning SCCM environments (don't ask) and they work just fine because the site codes are unique between them.
  2. Did you find a solution to this? We're having the exact same issue. UEFI works on one of our DPs, but not the other. . but from what I can tell everything is identical in configuration. That includes the DHCP options, and the DP options.
  3. **EDIT** I was grabbing the wrong line from manage-bde, I believe I've figured it out. The ID line is the one you need to lookup by, not the password line. Your screenshot was a bit misleading.
  4. First off I'd like to state that although I've searched for this error on numerous forums I only find that the error most similar to mine is "Execution status received: 24". I have a Task Sequence that deploys Windows 8.1 Enterprise with Bitlocker enabled. I have a standard Install Application step which installs Office 2013 Pro. When it gets to this step sometimes (rarely, 1 out 15 so far) it succeeds. More often than not is fails. Below is the section of the SMSTS.log that pertains to the application install. On most forums the folks have found that the issue just resolved itself
  5. I have most of my data for my packages, applications, drivers, etc stored on my Primary SCCM server. My question is: Is that necessary? I know I can pull data from other places, but can I delete the content from my SCCM 'deploy' share after I have distributed it? A lot of my packages are referring to a UNC \\SCCMServer\Deploy\Software\AppName When I distribute that software do I have to keep those source files there?
  6. Are you running the bios utility or the bios Update utility with the -s and -f switches? Did you remember the switches?
  7. I'd imagine since the Root update is not applicable to 8.1 you could just exclude that step. Because you can exclude it in 8 if you have already installed it. Have you tried just imaging it without the update and seeing if it fails? I installed that update during the build and capture stage or the deploying of the image will take a very long time. Maybe an extra hour even. Since the only 'guides' available from HP are for Windows 8 (which are terrible guides) this may take some trial and error. My recommendation is trying to deploy the image without the update and see where you get.
  8. I finally got it imaged but a few drivers were missing. Going to have to narrow that one down. The above is correct the time was very far off in the bios and task sequence would not run. I have to open a cmd prompt and set the date and time before entering in the password for the task sequence. Also to note you don't have to copy the bios locally via a Xcopy command as you can just specify the package when running a command line task in the task sequence and running fdsetup -S -F You don't need to load all of the winpe drivers in the boot image either or it will fail. You only need t
  9. I got down to copy the BiosUpdate locally. with this: cmd.exe /C c:\Windows\System32\robocopy.exe \\ocs12\deploy$\Drivers\Extracted\HP-Driver-Firmware-and-Chipset\hp\sp60725 c:\BiosUpdate /MIR /R:3 (Disable 64-bit file redirection is ticked) However even though the files do copy the TS fails with "Incorrect Function" 0x00000001 I then have to run the FDSETUP -s -f manually then It finishes as it should. Anyone got an idea?
  10. "Successfully completed the action (install Elitepad KB Package) with the exit win32 code 0" Then it looks like it moved on to the Root update Expand a string: FullOS TSManager 8/15/2013 8:26:54 PM 2136 (0x0858) Executing command line: smsswd.exe /pkg:OCS00027 /install /basevar: /continueOnError: TSManager 8/15/2013 8:26:54 PM 2136 (0x0858) [ smsswd.exe ] InstallSoftware 8/15/2013 8:26:55 PM 3948 (0x0F6C) PackageID = 'OCS00027' InstallSoftware 8/15/2013 8:26:55 PM 3948 (0x0F6C) BaseVar = '', ContinueOnError='' InstallSoftware 8/15/2013 8:26:55 PM 3948 (0x0F6C) ProgramName = 'Root Certifi
  11. I left it going in the office overnight. If it's still going when I get to the office in the morning I will take out that switch.
  12. Thanks for the info. I've managed to get a bit further. Now at the step where you install the package KB update (first step after Setup Configuration Manager) It looks like the KB is installed, but it never returns a code to say it's finished. . . In my SMSTS.log file i see multiple repetions of "Waiting for job status notification. . ." and the task sequence is hung at "Install ElitePad KB Package" package is setup as you instructed in the first post.
  13. I've got it to image, but it's basically missing every driver with the exception of the USB-ETH driver. Touchscren, etc doesn't work. I'm assuming my packages are created wrong. I switched up how I install drivers. I'm trying that now. Can one of you walkthrough how you created the KB, Root Cert, and Bios update packages? Are where they need to be placed in relation to the task sequence. After this next deploy I will dig in SMSTs.log and see what's going wrong.
  14. I'm using SUP to deploy IE9 to my clients. This should be straightforward. I created a software update package and deployed it to a collection. SCCM 2012 is showing that these clients are compliant, but on the clients IE9 is not there even after a reboot. I've attached two screens showing that the clients are showing they're indeed compliant and the software installed with success. IE 9 is not on any of those machines though. I've watched logs, and not seeing any errors (probably because it's showing updated). On one machine I tried to update Windows from the internet, and noticed that
  15. Has anyone else received this error? I can't seem to get around it!
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