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  1. Wow that was a great catch. It looks like it's working. I must have gotten tunnel vision, I've been trying to figure this one out for a few days now.
  2. I just added a HTA to the beginning of the TS. I had this working for about a week and then when I got back in after the weekend I keep getting both these errors. I made sure the DPs were updates with the most current source path. I've done tons of research (obviously not enough) and can't figure out why I keep getting this error. It is really inconsistent. I've attached the SMSTS logs. Hope someone out there can help. smsts.log smsts-20140219-191607.log
  3. At first I attempted to add drivers to a specific boot WIM and then updated the DP but got an error. Researched the error couldn't find anything, so I decided to update one of the other boot WIMs which we have and same thing (this time I didn't even try to add drivers, for one of them I even deleted the drivers and then update the DP) Here is the error I get. Error: Boot image to update: MDT Custom PE Error: Actions to perform: Add ConfigMgr binaries Disable Windows PE command line support Add drivers Error: Failed to import the following drivers: Error: The wizard det
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