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  1. Having the same issue in my lab environment. Config Mgr 1702 with SQL 2016. Any suggestion?
  2. Thanks for replying. We have too many errors on our SCCM and the only solution I can see is the new installation.
  3. Hello, We are having the below error message when we try to boot the image. PXE works fine but next is this screen. Any one can help with it? Thanks,
  4. Hello, Sorry for being late reply. In fact I was waiting for an email to alert me regarding an update on this website.... Never mind.... I am here now and will be here everyday.... Well let's get to the topic now..... our Configuration Manager clients are working perfectly as we deploy other software through it.... so no problem regarding clients installation... All these folders for windows updates are empty.... Which logs shall I check??? Thanks....Great help...
  5. An IT consultant configured our SCCM for windows updates last years and it has never worked... I have gone through the different configuration and unable to find any clue where it needs fixing... Please see attached images... Not sure where to start and what I am looking for.................... Second Image; All these folders are empty......... Please help!!!!
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