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  1. SOLVED! "Apply network settings" -> Domain OU -> %MachineObjectOU%
  2. Hi! I've recently set up a MP/DP in a non trusted / cross forest domain. Everything is going smooth, except that the computer object is not moved (or created) to the correct OU, but instead it's created in the root Computers OU. I've made sure that the domain join account has all the necessary permissions in the OUs. The "Apply network settings" task in the Task Sequence is configured with the djoin account only. The "Domain OU" setting is blank. Here's a snippet from my customsettings.ini: [DefaultGateway] [GD] MachineObjectOU=OU=Computers,OU=GUDA,OU=Medier,DC=GD,D
  3. Ofcourse I had to give read, modify, delete, create permissions to User Device Affinities.
  4. Hi all! I've looked through all the permissions in a custom security role for our help desk, and I've managed to allow our help desk users to add computers to collections etc. But I can't find the permission that allows them to edit primary users / devices. Does anyone know where to find this?
  5. I've double checked all permissions on all shares, System has full access both on NTFS and share. Also tried to duplicate the WIM-files, this did not work.
  6. Yes, I recently figured that out. Anyhow - uninstalling WAIK doensn't solve anyting - I'm still experiencing the same problems.
  7. Anyone got any ideas here? WAIK and ADK is reinstalled. And also - why does it look like it's trying to fetch image properties from a drive that doesn't exist? I've googled my ass off for two days in a row now, I'm about to give up and start all over again Error: Boot image to update: • Microsoft Windows PE (x64) Error: Actions to perform: • Add ConfigMgr binaries • Add custom background • Set scratch space • Enable Windows PE command line support Optional components: • Scripting (WinPE-Scripting) • Startup (WinPE-SecureStartup) • Network (WinPE-WDS-Tools) • Scripting (WinPE-WM
  8. Snip from execmgr.log on the client. Can't see any relevant information here. CServiceWindowEventHandler::Execute - Received SERVICEWINDOWEVENT : END Event execmgr 24.10.2013 05:00:00 7904 (0x1EE0) The user has logged off. execmgr 24.10.2013 16:46:09 6484 (0x1954) A user has logged on. execmgr 25.10.2013 07:47:41 2588 (0x0A1C) The logged on user is *username* execmgr 25.10.2013 07:47:41 2588 (0x0A1C) The user has logged off. execmgr 25.10.2013 08:03:44 5236 (0x1474) A user has logged on. execmgr 25.10.2013 08:09:43 1680 (0x0690) The logged on user is *username* execmgr 25.10.2013 08:
  9. Hi! Currently trying to deploy an application "Lightroom 5.2" to a device collection. We've done the packaging ourselves, and installation to our test machines - just by installing from the .msi straight out gives no errors. However, deploying this .msi to this one client in the collection gives the error "Deployment failed" - Error 0x643 (1603). When it's not in the error status, as it currently is - it says "Content downloaded" - Status type: In progress. I guess it's shifting between these two statuses. As a part of the troubleshooting, I've added the parameter "/l*v C:\temp\li
  10. Thank you! Do you know if this removes disabled computer objects from collections?
  11. Hm, I configured the 'Delete obsolete client discovery data' to run after i wrote the last post. Didn't seem to work, still the same amount of clients in 'All Computers' collection, approx. 5200, should be around 3200 since I disabled around 2000 AD computer accounts. Any ideas?
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