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  1. I keep on getting errors when I attempt to download some of the windows updates while others work just fine any ideas? HttpSendRequest failed 12002 Download http://wsus.ds.download.windowsupdate.com/c/msdownload/update/software/crup/2016/08/windows10.0-kb3176929-x64_142e76e8af8468c85147b0d17f0a7e86e98c8b0d.cab ERROR: DownloadContentFiles() failed with hr=0x80072ee2
  2. Issue solved by creating new image and re-distributing it weired!
  3. I have the same problem but only when deploying windows 10. I have the same TS as windows 7 just a copy of it and than I changed the Windows Image to Windows 10. It installs the app successfully but never moves to the second in the list. I have to force boot the machine to get out of the TS.
  4. I am trying to add DaRT 10 to my imaging process to manage remote machines being imaged. I have mdt 2013 integration. Installed DaRT added it to the mdt image added the service to the settings.ini made that image as my boot image and updated distro but still cant get the remote console to appear during the image process. I followed exactly what this link said. http://nt-guys.com/sccm-dart-for-remote-connections-during-winpe/ Am I missing something? Do I need to add any step in the TS?
  5. No, I am not using HTAs. I was thinking maybe through the MDT Setting ini file.
  6. Is there a way that I could create a variable that refers to the logged in user in SCCM TS here is an example where I want to use it
  7. I am trying to run a powershell script during a task sequence, which is supposed to give me a popup window on client desktops. If i run the powershell script outside the TS it works fine and inside a TS it hangs and never ends and the popup never shows up. I attached an image that illustrates. Any ideas ? am I missing something?? Thanks,
  8. Try this right click on the machine in the collection and click approve. Than give it a try.
  9. Yes I have it as administrative rights. I went another route with this vbscript but its nice to know how its done with SCCM.
  10. No I have wmi query rules for each model. The problem is not in searching its in downloading. Do you mean allow anonymous in IIS??
  11. Yep, its admin on the machine and sql. You mean both should be on the same box ?
  12. yes it does. Its complaining about the sql box not the primary site and I checked both servers, both of them have the same keys.
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