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  1. So I found this thread and looks like it was the same issue. https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/1a6f8faf-1553-466f-b11c-0f24c6ec23f5/unknown-computers-no-longer-seeing-task-sequences?forum=ConfigMgrCBOSD In my smsts.log it showed: Unknown machine GUIDs: f35d0b2b-43a4-4cbc-897d-aea9a2f85412 f3cf2a97-4b9a-46bd-83da-8c267b85878b - I'm thinking the 2nd GUID is the x64 unknown computers I opened my SCCM database and then went to the dbo.System_DATA table. I then ran the query below SELECT TOP 1000 [MachineID] ,[InstanceKey] ,[RevisionID] ,[AgentID] ,[TimeKey] ,[rowversion] ,[Name0] ,[SMSID0] ,[Domain0] ,[SystemRole0] ,[SystemType0] FROM [CM_ADL].[dbo].[System_DATA] where SMSID0 like '%f3cf2a97%' The record that was found was the last machine I remember deploying successfully. I deleted this 'Device' from Assets and Compliance -> Devices and then started the PXE boot again. This time the Task Sequence Wizard loads I am running: CM 1702 / Console version: 5.00.8498.1711 / Site version: 5.0.8498.1000
  2. I've just started getting this issue and for the life of my can't work out why. As in the screenshot above my networking is all ok. I can ping by hostname, map drives to copy the log files etc. It does show the error below and I have no idea why. I definitely have two TS advertised as available to unknown computers and haven't changed these deployments for quite some time. There are no task sequences available to this computer.. Please ensure you have at least one task sequence advertised to this computer. Unspecified error (Error: 80004005; Source: Windows) Any ideas? I've re-created my boot image from scratch and added the required nic driver and end up back where i started with the message about no ts available to this computer
  3. Bit of an update / work around. I manually made a new package and called it "ConfigMgr Client Package" copying the settings etc from the auto created package. With this package I was able to select the option "Copy the content in this package to a package share on distribution points" I ran my task sequence using this package and all worked great!
  4. All task sequences that use this package I believe. I've updated everything to 1702 and MDT 8443 and still noticed the same thing with the Configuration manager Client Package. i.e. can't select "Copy the content in this package to a package share on distribution points" If I remove the step "Setup Windows and Configuration Manager" the option becomes available to "Access content directly from a distribution point when needed by the running task sequence" Edit: I disabled Setup Windows and Configuration Manager and then enabled Access content directly from a distribution point when needed by the running task sequence. All ok so far. Went back in and re-enabled Setup Windows and Configuration Manager Task sequence ran well until it got to the Setup Windows and Configuration Manager step. Then failed with "the system cannot find the file specified". Which I guess makes sense.
  5. I've just run into the same issue. I've just upgraded ADK to 1607. Created a new boot image (10.0.14393). Then created a capture iso using this boot image. I'm trying to capture a hyper-v test vm that has Win 10 Pro x64 1607. My SCCM server is running Current Branch 1610). Any ideas? I checked the setuperr.log as mentioned above and it is complaining about 0D16BB98.Houzz_1.1.18.0_neutral__gyej1c4xgx4mg Edit: Just went through the start menu and right clicked, uninstalled Facebook, Houzz, Skype Preview, Twitter etc. Also had to do: Get-AppxPackage *soundrecorder* | Remove-AppxPackage Seems to be running ok now
  6. Since upgrading to 1602 I no longer have the option to select "Access content directly from a distribution point when needed by the running task sequence" I've made sure 'Copy the content in this package to a package share on distribution points' is ticked for all apps & the os wim So the only package I believe may be responsible is the "Configuration Manager Client Package" is the option is greyed out I tried what was suggested in an old post I found. Packages -> Create Package from Definition -> (but the new client package isn't an option) Please help
  7. Old thread I know has something changed with this with the 1602 version? When I select Create Package from Definition I only see an older 'Configuration Manager Client Upgrade' option available. I also noticed my 'Configuration Manager Client Package' & 'Configuration Manager Client Piloting Package' both contain no programs I'm having the issue where I don't have the option to select "Access content directly from a distribution point when needed by the running task sequence" & the ConfigMgr client package is the only thing I can think of
  8. Thanks Peter. All worked great. I added the servers as Site System Servers. I then added the Distribution point role. Once this was done I added them to our Global DP group and all the content was disturbed as expected. Next I shipped to the branch offices. Once in the branch office I set the static IP, promoted to a DC, Installed DHCP, & WDS. made the relevant config changes. I then enabled PXE on the DP and all worked great!
  9. Just setting up some new servers in our head office ready to send out to our branch offices to replace their aging servers. Can I setup the new server with its temporary IP etc and distribute all the content to it before I send it off? When it is in destination it will have a new IP and be a member of a different AD site. Alternatively if I wait until it is at the branch office before I add it as a site system server. Then distribute the content. Will the content be transferred from the old server that is in the same AD site or will it be transferred over the WAN?
  10. Here is what I have come up with so far. Seems to be working ok in initial testing: I have commented out a few prompts I was using for testing so there is only one popup to enter the asset tag during the OSD task sequence. I followed some of the guides here to set other BIOS settings and also integrate the Dell CCTK into my boot image http://windowsmasher.wordpress.com/2013/01/21/sccm-2012-optimizing-dell-cctk-osd-actions-into-winpe/ ' Check-AssetTag.vbs ' ' This script will check if the Asset Tag is set in the ' BIOS. If not it will prompt the user for an Asset Tag ' and then write it to the BIOS Asset Tag on Dell Machines ' ' CCTK.exe and required files must be present in ' %SYSTEMROOT%\System32 Dim WshShell Dim colSMBIOS Dim objComputer Dim sNewAssetTag Dim sTmp Set WshShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell") Set WshNetwork = CreateObject("Wscript.Network") Set oShell = WScript.CreateObject( "Wscript.Shell" ) Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:\\.\root\cimv2") Set colSMBIOS = objWMIService.ExecQuery("SELECT * FROM Win32_SystemEnclosure") For Each Asset in colSMBIOS sTmp = trim(Asset.SMBIOSAssetTag) Next For a = 1 to Len(sTmp) c = Mid(sTmp,a,1) If c >= "0" And c <= "9" Then sNewAssetTag = sNewAssetTag + c End If Next If Len(sNewAssetTag) = 6 And Left(sNewAssetTag,2) = "00" Then ' Exit if the Asset Tag is already set ' wscript.echo "The Asset Tag is already set to : "& sNewAssetTag Else Do While (Len(sNewAssetTag) <> 6) sTmp = InputBox("Please enter the PC's Asset Number. This must be a 6 digit number only i.e. 001045. If you can't find or are unsure of the PC's Asset number please contact IT before proceeding.") sNewAssetTag = "" For a = 1 to Len(sTmp) c = Mid(sTmp,a,1) If c >= "0" And c <= "9" Then sNewAssetTag = sNewAssetTag + c End If Next Loop sSystemRoot = oshell.expandenvironmentStrings("%SYSTEMROOT%") ' This is the Dell BIOS setting we want to set sBIOSSetting = "--asset=" ' Build the command that needs to be run sSetBIOSCommand = sSystemRoot & "\System32\cctk.exe " & sBIOSSetting & sNewAssetTag ' Display the command that is about to run ' wscript.echo sSetBIOSCommand ' Run the command to set the Asset Tag oShell.Run sSetBIOSCommand End If
  11. We have company property stickers on all machines which has a 6 digit asset number i.e. 001025 I set this in the BIOS of all our machines (Dell) and then use it as part of the computer name during OSD I would like to add a step to check if this is set and if not (all new machines) prompt the user to enter it. I found an old topic that has some info on reading the asset tag, prompting if one isn't set and using it for the computer name http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2140-osd-using-vbs-for-machine-name-for-uknown-computers/ I am using the Dell CCTK to set other BIOS setting so I believe it would be a matter of using the following or something similar: cctk.exe --asset=%NewAssetTag% Currently I have the following steps: Use Toolkit Package Gather Set Computer Name So somehow I need to check if %AssetTag% doesn't begin with say 000, 001, or 002 and then prompt the use to enter a new asset and set it with the Dell CCTK Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  12. Just tried this and my network usage on the SCCM server went from around 30mbit when dowloading the .WIM to around 900mbit. Definitely fixed the problem
  13. I ended up doing a fresh install on a new VM (lucky I'm still in a pilot phase with SCCM & Win 7 deployment) I installed the following: Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter Windows AIK 8.1 SQL 2012 Standard SP1 SCCM 2012 R2 MDT 2013 Preview All is working ok now
  14. I followed the guide below on this site to upgrade to SCCM 2012 R2 with no issues http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/8451-how-can-i-install-system-center-2012-r2-configuration-manager/ After the install I installed MDT 2013 Preview and ran the Configure ConfigMgr Integration. I thought there might have been issues with this so I removed it and made sure any versions for MDT were uninstalled from the machine and then reinstalled MDT 2013 Preview & then ran the Configure ConfigMgr Integration (using run as administrator) When I run my task sequence I was getting the following screen just after the PXE boot section (see attached or below) Recovery Your PC needs to be repaired The Windows Boot Configuration Data (BCD) file from the PXE server does not contain a valid operating system entry. Ensure that the server has boot images installed for this architecture. File:\Tmp\x86x64{BE24699A-F4E0-43F3-9CDA-11A66C3A1E10}.bcd Error code: 0xc0000098 You'll need to use the recovery tools on your installation media. If you don't have any installation media (like a disc or USB device), contact your system administrator or PC manufacturer. I decided to delete all my MDT Task Sequences and MDT boot images and recreate them. After doing this I'm still getting the screen above. As a test I made a new 'Standard' TS (not MDT) and used the standard Boot image (x64). Even with this TS I'm still getting the screen above. Any ideas? I made a WinPE USB drive from the WinPE.wim that comes with Windows ADK for Windows 8.1 and that boots fine. Update: On the previous screen it has the following: Downloaded WDSNBP from SCCM.domain.local Architecture: x64 Contacting Server: TFTP Download: boot\x64\pxeboot.n12 I found another post where someone noticed it was booting boot\x64\wdsnbp.com instead of smsboot\x64\wdsnbp.com Maybe that is where the issue is?
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