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  1. Issue is resolved. During the upgrade process i did not export the WSUS database, so the database version of the WSUS was lower than the required version of updates on the clients. the SCCM database had catalog version higher than wsus. To troubleshoot this enable debug loging on client create key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\CCM\Logging\DebugLogging under it string calue with name Enabled and value True In scan agent log look for similar entry CScanAgent::ScanByUpdates- Added Policy to final ScanRequest List UpdateSourceID={AB6CE6FE-70E2-4244-9943-9653F0BEC7BC}, Polic
  2. SCCM manages updates, those are SCCM logs relevant to deployment of updates. I have a premier support case open with this problem.
  3. i dont want to hijack this thread. if you post in mine i will reply.
  4. Hi i have the same problem with SCCM 2012 R2 http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/9837-not-reporting-software-update-compliance/ No errors what so ever, software updates are not installed
  5. No help? WUAHandler.log Its a WSUS Update Source type ({AB6CE6FE-70E2-4244-9943-9653F0BEC7BC}), adding it. WUAHandler 28.01.2014 9:46:00 13120 (0x3340) Existing WUA Managed server was already set (http://CORRECTSERVER), skipping Group Policy registration. WUAHandler 28.01.2014 9:46:00 13120 (0x3340) Added Update Source ({AB6CE6FE-70E2-4244-9943-9653F0BEC7BC}) of content type: 2 WUAHandler 28.01.2014 9:46:00 13120 (0x3340) Scan results will include superseded updates only when they are superseded by service packs and definition updates. WUAHandler 28.01.2014 9:46:00 13120 (0x3340) S
  6. forced reboot happens when you are not turning off windows update in group policy.
  7. UpdatesDeployment.log has following Assignment {BF626CE7-1F5E-4802-8857-0D16E7D98989} has total CI = 73 UpdatesDeploymentAgent 24.01.2014 11:03:53 2020 (0x07E4) Assignment ({BF626CE7-1F5E-4802-8857-0D16E7D98989}) reconnected to the existing job ({9C1C5B81-6F4A-432B-97C1-C24461CDBBCD}) successfully. UpdatesDeploymentAgent 24.01.2014 11:03:53 2020 (0x07E4) Assignment {CCEA778A-A80B-4C7B-A724-F0AE93CA77C3} has total CI = 73 UpdatesDeploymentAgent 24.01.2014 11:03:53 2020 (0x07E4) Assignment ({CCEA778A-A80B-4C7B-A724-F0AE93CA77C3}) reconnected to the existing job ({4C6FD2A7-19C9-4269-B299-0782
  8. Hello I have the following problem, many of my managed computers are reporting a status of passed/active unknown in monitoring for software updates. WUAHandler log is clear of errors. The updates are NOT showing up in software center for the machines in question. SUP / WSUS adress is set by SCCM to the correct server. Any idea on how to troubleshoot this further?
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