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  1. The server admin was able to install for me with his credentials. I guess admin level access was needed to the management point to install this version of DCIS.
  2. I'm trying to install DCIS 4.2 on my computer with System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 console installed. The installer runs until it gets to "Importing Custom Dell Reboot Package" and then goes right into "Rolling Back Option". I've tried this on a system with the SCCM Console installed fresh in case there was an issue with the original system's install with the same result. Has anyone run across this? Do I need to upgrade my DCIS version the actual management point server first? Thanks in advance. Ryan
  3. I haven't see this happen by default. I would check to make sure there isn't a group policy in place that disables this account. I say this because we have a Group Policy in place in my organization that not only disables the built in Administrator account, it also randomizes the password. I would suggest letting the account remain disabled since as a known account, it is vulnerable from a security perspective. If you absolutely need a local admin account, I would suggest adding steps to your task sequence to create a brand new local administrator account with a unique username.
  4. Hello Everyone, I've been requested by my management team to start producing a monthly report that shows SCCM usage per month. They would like to know how many times each of our deployed applications and packages are installed each month via SCCM. I've had trouble locating a built-in report(s) with this specific functionality. Can anyone suggest either a report or a query that I could run that would give me this information? Just so that its clear, the report/query should basically say that for the month of October MS Office was installed 50 times, Matlab has been installed 15 times, S
  5. Could be that your UAC is blocking the install. This happened with my OSD imaging (some images were taking upwards of 12 hours to complete) so I added 3 steps to my task sequence to fix it. The first step is a command line step that I added directly after the OS, Drivers, and SCCM Client installed. c:\windows\regedit.exe /S "UAC_Low.reg" (this step references a Package I created with no Program that contains a registry file that sets the UAC to the lowest setting.) Then I put in a Restart step that boots to currently installed default OS. Then once all applications and packages hav
  6. I work for a university that has a standard DNS suffix that matches the domain name across most of the University. My department, however, is unique and our workstations are actually assigned a different DNS suffix that does not match the domain name. So a computer may be named CompName.DomainName.edu but it will resolve as CompName.AltDNSSuffix.edu. Central IT has given out department's IT delegated access to our department's device collection in Configuration Manager 2012 and sent us to training. One of the suggestions of our trainer was to utilize Now Micro Right Click Tools. These tools wo
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