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  1. Hello All, I have deployed office 2013 application using sccm 2012 and made available to devices so that application will reside in software center. i had deployed this application on 27 of march 2015.and i have tested it successfully by installing some of user's workstation. Now i checked the application again but unfortunately i dont see this application in software center. where do i start to check where the problem can be?
  2. Actually i have configured Power plan for collection. But user can change power plan on their computer in spite of SCCM configured Power Plan.But after some time power plan reverts back to SCCM configured power plan. I want to know this process. and I want to know which group policy should i configure to restrict users from changing SCCM configured Power plans.?
  3. hey thanks garth, i want to use SCCM to apply power policy but just i want to know the process how SCCM evaluates power policy on client computer . and i just want to restrict user to change power plan. please help.
  4. Hello, i have implemented power management policy via SCCM 2012. i have configured a customized power plan and applied it to collection, i can see power plan is active on user's system normally. But end user can change the power plan to "balanced" or "power saver" i want to restrict end user from changing power plan when SCCM custom plan is active. Also, i wanted to know the process how and when SCCM will check for applied power plan whether it is custom SCCM deployed power plan or user has changed power plan. which setting in SCCM should i enable to enforce SCCM to check for applied power plan and if its not custom SCCM power plan, revert power plan to custom plan.
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