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  1. Also, what path is your package source referencing? You are using the same package on the two steps, but you have two separate sub folders where the password .bin files are kept. EDIT: In reviewing the 4sysops post, I see they specified the ~configs subfolder within their command in the TS. Assuming your COL0009C package source is the root of the "HP EliteBook 840 G2 Configuration Files" folder, you would need to specify the subfolder in the path to the config files and encrypted password bin files.
  2. What version of BiosConfigUtility64.exe are you using? I am not sure when the change occurred, but I believe the /CurSetupPasswordFile switch was replaced with /cpwdfile. This is what v4.0.21.1 is showing. We also have continue on error checked on the step as I believe it will technically fail as it is trying to write to some lines from the config file to read-only things in the bios. I think you could go through the config and remove what is read-only as an alternative also. We reference a package without a program to accomplish this during OSD.
  3. I deploy it once and set the channel for each lab/cart with group policy. I already had a separate OU for each lab/cart, so linking a GPO to each OU was easy. The required admx files are included in the installs folder when you extract the installer.
  4. Disregard my previous post. I realized that I didn't have the Surface Ethernet Adapter added as a computer via MAC Address correctly. I am now pxe booting properly.
  5. I have a working ConfigMgr 2012 R2 CU1 environment, with all servers on 2012 R2. After following the guide, I am still having trouble pxe booting. After the 'Downloading NBP file...' message, a 'Succeed to download NBP file.' message very briefly appears, followed by moving onto an ipv6 pxe attempt. I did have one successful pxe boot yesterday, but am unsure of what I changed that now prevents this from working. Any ideas? Thanks!
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