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  1. Well just to give you more of an idea. So i tried it on a windows 10 machine as you know and it worked. This then installed Windows 7 because that's the TS i selected. I then tried reinstalling the same TS and that worked too. So i don't understand why it can be the imagine when it worked this time when starting from Windows 10, but doesn't work with machines that started on that TS.
  2. I've tried it with Windows 10, i had to apply KB3143760 but after this it worked. So it seems it's isolated to Windows 7
  3. Hi So i ran the machine policy 3 times before attempting to run a TS, afterwards the same thing happened. I've took a screenshot of the execmgr.log, seems to imply the TS ran successfully. I can post more of it if needed. Thanks again.
  4. Hi Jorgen, Thanks for the response, I'm seeing this everywhere. Even with freshly built PC's. The client seems to do everything else correctly. It reports back as expected, it will install any new updates or software, just won't install Task Sequences. Despite the fact the Task Sequences work via PXE. Thanks, Craig.
  5. Hi, So i have recently upgrade to 1511, i believe since then I'm unable to install Task Sequences via Software Center. When i select a TS, for example the TS used to build the machine Software Center displays Downloading then Installing for about 2 minutes, then installed. During this process there are no smsts logs created, but the TSAgent log does display this error message at the end. So far i have created all new TS's, redistributed the Boot image and OS image, checked all the applications can install without being deployed and updated MDT to 2013 update 1. The task sequences do work when booting from PXE. Any Advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Craig.
  6. I thought as much, hopefully they can solve it. Thanks for your help.
  7. Ok so the first screen shot is just as the pc has turned on, so about 10 mins after boot. As you can see both properties menu report the correct client version. The next screenshot is about 45 mins later.
  8. Yeah sorry i wasn't sure if that's what you meant by the Computer properties. Yeah it seems the hardware scan is working better since we have turned off software scanning. I'm still not having much luck with this incorrect version number, it seems the heartbeat is running when asked, yet its somehow not picking up the right version, despite the log files being correct?
  9. I'm not sure where i am looking, is this correct?
  10. Sorry for the late reply, I have been on holiday. Yes it does make it to the dataldr.log file.
  11. Yes, It seems its taking long time to process the information, in the console i have a heartbeat record at 09:03 02/06/2015. Yet in the Datadrl.log the only entry is at 15:29 02/06/2015. So it's clearly done a Heartbeat DDR yesterday, but it's still showing the wrong version number in the client properties.
  12. I've checked and it seems to be Cm Trace not picking up the time stamps, but if i view the log in notepad its time stamped correctly.
  13. Thats from the MP_Ddr.log. Good question all of the entries are like that on this log. I'm not sure why it's like that.
  14. This is what todays log says: Full report from client M31-01, action description = Discovery 01/01/1601 00:00:00 0 (0x0000) Ddr Task: Translate report attachment to file "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\auth\ddm.box\MOHLB96O.DDR" returned 0 01/01/1601 00:00:00 0 (0x0000) Mp Message Handler: copying attachment to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\auth\ddm.box\DdrAttachmentCXF5T5KS.xml 01/01/1601 00:00:00 0 (0x0000) Inv-Ddr Task: processing xml file "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\auth\ddm.box\DdrAttachmentCXF5T5KS.xml" 01/01/1601 00:00:00 0 (0x0000) Yet in the console it says the heartbeat DDR was done yesterday at 8:20
  15. Ok so using that guide applied to the Data Discovery Collection Cycle, when i am running the action, on the client inventory log i can see its running, it's successful in sending to the MP and i can see a record in the IIS logs. I can also see a record in the MP_Ddr log, for today, so that would suggest that its done a scan today? Yet in the console it says last scan was yesterday?
  16. Ok that is something we shall look into, do you think that could be something to do with the issue we are having, as it seems SCCM does get the right client information, but then some how reverts back?
  17. Ok, i don't think we have any crazy rules, both are currently set to 7 days? Most of the clients having this issue do have a recent SW and HW inventory scan. Sorry i didn't noticed i got rid of that by mistake.
  18. I have about 100 clients with the same issue, its not random though as it seems to be clients from 3 different rooms rather than all over our site. As for the screenshot, the Client in the image had just been rebuilt so i don't think it has done a hardware scan yet. Where would i find the heartbeat under the properties menu?
  19. So after restarting the SQL Server, i have run a full Discovery Data Collection Cycle on the whole site. I noticed the pc's would then report back correctly with the right version number. Only for this to last about 30 mins before reverting back. Which makes no sense. I have also run a Delete Aged Discovery Data cycle, still no luck. Any Ideas?
  20. Yeah, no luck. Today i have Deleted about 25 workstations out of SCCM and AD, re-image them with the same name and they all reappeared in the collection with the wrong version number.At first i was thinking maybe its the Task Sequence, but i can re-image workstations that are reporting correctly or build machines for the first time and they report fine. So maybe its the SQL Server, I'm going to restart tomorrow out of working hours.
  21. Hi Garth, Our heartbeat discovery is set to 2 Days currently.
  22. Hi, I will do my best to explain the issue i am having but it is a weird issue. We have a collection set up that shows us any client that is not on R2 CU4, Upon monitoring this i have noticed that i have a lot of workstations sat in this collection that have recently been re-imaged with a task sequence that uses CU4 in the wizard. i have checked the client manually and it seems to have built correctly, it has all the right software all the actions and it reports to have the correct client version. (5.00.7958.1501). Yet when i check in configuration manager on the properties of that client, the version is 5.00.7958.1000. These workstations have been stuck in this collection and like this for about a month. I checked and most of these workstations have had a heartbeat update within the last 2 days. I also believe this issue is related to why in my recent batch of updates they are reporting as unknown even though i have checked on the Clients themselves and they seem to have installed the updates. Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks.
  23. Hi Brian, Thanks, Yeah i have done that, should it start the TS while in Windows, or do you have to manually tell it to boot into PE? If that makes sense! I know if i open software centre on the machine i want to rebuild and then select the TS and select install/reinstall it downloads PE and then reboots. Is that bit meant to be automated when i add a machine to the collection that has the TS deployed as required? Thanks, Craig.
  24. Hi All, I am quite new to SCCM, but I'm slowing getting to grips with it. I am just wondering if there is way to add a PC to a collection and it then rebuild automatically. So far i have created a collection and deployed a TS to it as required. But i still have to PXE boot the PC for it to rebuild. IS there a way where it will PXE boot itself? For example if i open software store and tell it to re install the OS, it knows to PXE and start up in PE. Thanks, Craig.
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