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  1. Thanks Garth, Is Config Mgr Current Branch stable enough for business use ? If i'm right in thinking, you wouldn't be able to PXE boot from the Azure IaaS VM to an on-premise piece of tin?
  2. Hi guys, i was wondering if anyone has set up configuration manager on a VM in Azure yet? if it's possible? if it's not, how did you get on? Does everything work smoothly etc Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you Craig
  3. Awesome!! So fingers crossed it looks like everything has been resolved....
  4. I don't think it was a configuration manager issue, i think it was purely down to MS updating Intune, with the help from Bumbi85 and Danny that's what we identified anyway lol I haven't had any errors - been 2 days now...keeping my fingers crossed :-D
  5. Just checked this morning, all the logs are cleared (still on Critical on Intune Connector) but nothing about trying to process them corrupt files Nothing in the corrupt folder in the C drive either....don't want to speak to soon, but I think MS may have solved this globally?
  6. Did they say what the fix was? I left MS dealing with one of the other guys, so not sure how it's panning out so far
  7. I'm now getting Critical on my app catalog point - same errors as the State System
  8. Wow, just the response I would expect from MS *rolls eyes* Nothing yet mate,...still waiting on a call back I don't like red in my infrastructure i like Green, let's hope they release this asap
  9. That literally doesn't make sense how can a device not receive any apps or baselines, yet you can still remotely wipe the device and get compliance policies, so you've still got some administrative control on the device.... you know I hate Microsoft sometimes !!
  10. Same mate, our Baselines were configured December last year, so I can't see it being that Have any of you guys tried to deploy any mobile apps recently to see if they get pulled down and can work?
  11. Same as you guys, I'm a bit weary about installing CU2 - I can't see this having the fix we need Just seen this https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3080767not sure if this will work for Primary without a CAS?
  12. I logged a call with MS, STILL waiting for them to get back to me i didn't have to enable the intune connector when i upgraded though Danny, was yours connected before or not?
  13. Yep, looks like this is a global issue gonna have to wait for MS to fix it
  14. I think I'm going to get Microsoft on-board with this, luckily the logs aren't filling up with excessive amounts of space, so I've just quickly created a Powershell script schedule too delete everything in the corrupted directory every hour, until this is resolved i don't know what sort of impact it's having on the users though, i haven't heard anything as of yet...
  15. I fully agree with you, my clients SCCM server was always green with no Component or Site issue's, since the Upgrade to SP1 that's when it's started happening - Im not 100% how In-tune gets updated? Does it auto update it'self? I've just seen this on the server .... not sure if it;s related Waiting for update just found this... https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3106034
  16. Yeah we have the intune connector set up too, so we don't use the portal, everything is managed through CM12 Logging a call with Microsoft is the only way I can see this getting fixed, unless CM release a CU in the next few days? lol I don't understand though, everyone else seems to upgrade from R2 to SP1 fine... Unless they are experiencing the same issue and haven't noticed...if not ...why us?
  17. Yep, your right mate, it's the users Windows Phones WindowsPhone_11/2/2015_9:20 AM</NetBIOSName><CodePage>437</CodePage><SystemDefaultLCID>1033</SystemDefaultLCID><Priority>5</Priority></Machine></Identification><ReportDetails><ReportContent>State Message Data</ReportContent><ReportType>Full</ReportType><Date>20151105113737.513000+000</Date><Version>1.0</Version><Format>1.0</Format></ReportDetails></ReportHeader><ReportBody><StateMessage MessageTi
  18. are there any mapped network drives or a hidden drive without a drive letter assigned?
  19. Morning guys, I've recently upgraded SCCM from R2 to R2 SP1 Very smooth upgrade actually (first time it's gone well with no draw backs) except..... After a couple of days, I noticed the Component Status for SMS_STATE_SYSTEM was just on a critical state, with hundreds and hundreds of the below errors The State System message file processing processed one or more files that contained errors or invalid data. Review the statesys.log file for further details. The State System message file processing could not process file 'N_hn1meweb.SMX' and moved it to the corrupt directory. Review t
  20. Yeah that is the official documentation, once you've upgraded your site, it's easy to do an in-place upgrade, you could follow Josh Heffners blog, he chucks in a video and everything http://joshheffner.com/deploy-windows-10-upgrades-using-configuration-manager-in-just-2-steps/ Or if you haven't upgraded try my automated way of deploying Windows 10 for an in-place upgrade without SP1 https://craigsccmnoob.wordpress.com/2015/09/24/windows-10-in-place-automated-upgrade/
  21. Hi GarthMJ I found "User device affinity associations per collection" report This worked perfectly, i had to filter the csv when exported for the information, but it provided me the data that i want Thank you
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