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  1. Thanks for the response. I will check the link you shared for BG. Yes, I am aware of frequent update to TP. I am already running CB1806 within the lab.
  2. Let me clarify. Production lab is running CB1806 that has CAS and PRI. Installed TP1810 as Primary Site within the same domain (ramlan.ca) to test new features. Was not sure what should be the boundary configuration on TP1810. I don't want Technical Preview to interfere with Production Current Branch. Hope this might help. Thanks Ram
  3. HI - I just finished installing TP1810. Here is my home lab setup. Production Current Branch 1806 (CAS, PRI & SEC) IP Address - - Gateway - DNS - DHCP Scope - to Current Branch 1806 Boundary - IP Subnet Site Code - CAS Technical Preview 1810 (PRI) IP Address - Site Code TP1 I have not configured the boundary yet. Appreciate, if somebody can look at above configuration and let me know what the boundary setting should be on TP1810. I would like to let you know TP1810 is joined to the domain. Also do I need to add anything on the DHCP Server depending on what the boundary configuration will be? I have attached few screen shot of the boundary from Production Server 1806 for your information. Thanks Ram
  4. I am running these servers at home to test various configuration within CB1806. Since the replication issue is at home, I cannot call MS Support to resolve the issue. Hence have to look for guidance through Google and various other forums to fix the issue.
  5. Yes the upgrade was CAS - PRI - SEC. No errors during the upgrade. There was one warning which was not related to replication. I even took a screenshot of the warning. Will keep looking for a fix. Too bad cannot call MS to resolve - due to home lab situation. Thanks for your help. RL
  6. Thanks. Checked the link. It does not relate to my issue. Will have to keep looking for a solution to fix replication issue with PRI and CAS.
  7. Thanks anyweb. Yes, I did restart both the systems (CAS & PRI). Yet having same issue. The RLA is fine with CAS. No issue with SEC. Just PRI is having issue. If you want, I can share the logs for your read. I tried everything on Google. Unable to find a solution to fix the issue. RL
  8. Hello All - Hope somebody here can help me solve replication issue. The home lab infra is as follows: Domain - ramlan.ca - All on Windows Server 2016 and SQL 2017 CB1806 - CAS CB1806 - PRI CB1806 - SEC I did the upgrade on 1st Aug to CB1806. Before that there were no replication issue. After the upgrade replication issue started on PRI site. Some what strange every now and then the link is active and after some time it will be degraded and finally the link status is failed. I checked rcmctrl log. No errors. I even checked same log on CAS. No errors. I see this error on Replication details on PRI - See attached screen shot. I can share the logs from CAS and PRI for your read. Let me know.
  9. Thanks for the update. I did a short documentation for a colleague who had to upgrade CB1610 to CB1710. For this exercise, I did a test by attaching the database on another server and ran testdbupgrade. The test was successful. The only thing that bothers me is SSRS. It is a separate install in SQL 2017. How this will cause issue during the upgrade is UNKNOWN. RL For Wil NBFC.pdf
  10. Hi - Excellent notes. Look forward to part 3. I am running CB1802 on Server 2016 / SQL 2016 SP1. Is it possible to upgrade SQL 2016 to SQL 2017? I don't see much info on the NET yet. Appreciate your input. Thanks RL
  11. I had similar issue. This is what, I did: 1. Closed Software Center 2. Installed .NET 4.7.1 3. Opened PowerShell - ran this command - Invoke-WmiMethod -Namespace root\CCM -Class SMS_Client -Name SetClientProvisioningMode -ArgumentList $false 4. Restarted the system - Opened Software Center - No issue
  12. Thanks anyweb. The KB worked out fine. After installing in place upgrade completed in 65 minutes. Very happy.
  13. Tested your xml file to install roles and features on a VM. It worked out fine. No need to include server name. Just run the install roles and features script and all the roles/features will get installed in less than 4 minutes. Will save the script for future use. Here is the screen shot for information.
  14. HI - Excellent notes. Thanks for sharing the scripts. My question is - I would like to make use of your XML file for deploying roles and features. Do, I need to specify servername while running install roles and features.ps1? As you know the computername in the XML file is CM01. Thanks RL
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