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  1. Doh… seems like using numbers insted of text for OrderID did the trick! 🤦‍♂️
  2. Hi All, This is about to make me crazy. I want to have (atleast) two deployment profiles (Autopilot) for student computers. One profile for computers With a primary user device and a profile for computers where there are multiple users. I have made two AAD Device (Security) Groups. One Group that adds all the Devices that are autopilot imported. This Group adds all Devices that are single user Devices. And should Excludes second group Second Group should include Devices that have multiple users - based on OrderID. I have made a Dynamic Membership rule "(device.devicePhysicalIds -any _ -eq "[OrderID]:Elev-Felles")" . Added "OrderID" in the imported Autopilot.csv file, With "Elev-Felles" behind the hardwareID sting. (The Autopilot import files looks like: Device Serial Number,Windows Product ID,Hardware Hash,OrderID and last part of the hardwareID is ,Elev-Felles) But I cant get the imported Devices to "join" second Group. I am getting the Deployement profile made for first Group. I've tried both OrderID, Purchase ID, Group Tag. Cant get non of them to work. Any tips on what I should try? or what I am doing wrong?
  3. Thanks for the reply. Yes I've seen Johan's guides to driver management and was planning on going the "total control" way. I guess I was abit too stressed on Thursday before posting Found out the hard way that I don't mess around with the Out-of-Box Drivers. Luckaly I did it when I just had one model!
  4. HI About to rip my hair out... I might be way off. Have learned allot from other posts regarding SCCM. So hoping to get some input on my silly problem. I am using MDT v. 6.3.8443 And ADK v. 10.1.14393 (2012r2 Server) What I cant get to work - or what I don't understand: I am making a folder structure for drivers. In Deployment workbench i got Out-of-Box Drivers\OS\Manufactor\HP ProBook 6470b In the folder: \\Deploymentshare\Out-of-Box Drivers\OS\Manufactor\HP ProBook 6470b When I try to import drivers inside of Workbench - in the HP ProBook 6470 folder all drivers get imported. When i look inside the \\Deploymentshare\Out-of-Box Drivers folder, all drivers gets imported in the Out-of-Box Drivers "root" folder and not the \\Deploymentshare\Out-of-Box Drivers\OS\Manufactor\HP ProBook 6470b Is this correct? Do I need to copy all the imported drivers to the correct folder, Or will that mess up the driver import? Also want to use "Selection Profiles" to chose the right drivers. And from what think, all drivers must be categorized in a folder structure? This is only a lab but planning on using MDT on student computers (workgroup computers) . Any tips or comments is very appreciated! Thanks in advanced. - Tom
  5. Thank you Peter. I found the "Installing the Microsoft Intune client directly after a task sequence" post on you're site. Excacly what I was trying to accomplish.
  6. Hi I want to install several computers that is in a Workgroup task sequence. The computers will not be managed by Config Mgr. after OS is deployed. I want to deploy the OS from PXE boot. My questions: 1. Can this be done? If this can be done 1. Do I need a "thick OS image" (with all applications installed) or is it possible to add Applications in a Task Sequence? 2. Do I remove the SCCM PC agent in the Task Sequence or do I manually remove it after the OS is deployed? 3. Is it recommended using a MDT Task sequence to do this? 4. Do I need to make myself a Task Sequence media and deploy from USB stick? Reason why I ask is becouse I have made a Workgroup TS (not MDT TS) and when I try to deploy the Image, non of my Applications gets installed.. Windows gets deployed and SCCM PC agent looks to be uninstalled. I have tried the "fixes" 'Allow Clients to connect anonumously' and 'Add restart in the Task sequence' before Application installs. But still no luck getting my applications installed. All applications works when i use a "domain" TS or when i deploy them from Software center. Any advice would be welcome. - Tom
  7. Thank you! Kind of did this, just missed a few steps to get it working.
  8. Hello. I got a question about SCCM Current branch 1602 and MDT 2013 update 2 Integration. We had SCCM installed at our office a couple of months ago. I've used MDT 2013 for a few months earlier and belive i started to get the hang of it. I've used SCCM for a month (give or take) and want to integrat MDT with SCCM. How do I use them together? Do I use the Deployment workbench for all OS deployment/packages/Drivers and SCCM for client management? Is it possible to integreate MDT and SCCM when we allready have a SCCM environement with packages/OS/drivers and what not - up and running? Considering we boot into SCCM when we deploy OS. Should this be done with MDT after intergraion? It might be me missing something here, but I really dont understand how to use them together without messing up the SCCM environment. I've allready got SCCM and MDT 2013 update 2 integrated and did a couple of task sequences with luck. Also would like to do the OS simulation and from what i've read this can only be done with MDT integrated.. Any advice would be great. Thanks for allot of great guides and tips & tricks! And sorry if this have been asked before and my "search skills" have failed me completly - Tom
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