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  1. no, it isn't the capture of the 64bit machine failed again today... same error, so what's next? edit: now I see why I couldn't boot after this failed capture: bcdedit shows nothing! edit2: somehow I got to this http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc749510%28WS.10%29.aspx but I did not have duplicate entries strange thing also is that the disk management console shows only 2 partitions while diskpart reveals three going to use a VM as reference machine
  2. yes, I can confirm that it works (it saved me a few minutes not having to apply a Cumulative update to the SP1 instead)
  3. @dverbern, had a similar problem today whilst trying to capture a W7 64b SP1 machine, yesterday we had no problem capturing a W7 32b machine didn't get your error 0x80070032 though... these are the last lines of the log: <![LOG[Adding BCD entry for C:\_SMSTaskSequence\WinPE\sources\boot.wim]LOG]!><time="16:57:18.377-120" date="09-13-2012" component="TSManager" context="" type="1" thread="1420" file="bootconfigimplbcd.cpp:162"> <![LOG[Mounting \Device\HarddiskVolume1 at Z:]LOG]!><time="16:57:23.306-120" date="09-13-2012" component="TSManager" context="" type="1" t
  4. hi all, If I remember well in SMS 2003 it was possible to automate the creation of new collection and advertisement when one is creating a new package? can this still be done in 2007? let me explain a bit further why I want this: I have one particular environment with about 9000 clients, 8 secondary sites and 120 BDP systems. everything is provided centrally as a sort of template (collections, advertisments and so on), we are using maintenance windows and power management settings. per package I have 4 collections and 4 advertisements (install & uninstall program, one adverti
  5. one of our customers has the following question: How can I have my software program (command line is a vbscript) check whether it is running from a task sequence or not? They have these vbscripts as package installation framework. Programs are all optional and send a pop-up when starting and when finished to the interactive user. now, since the Task sequence is run with the system account, those popups will not work do they? any ideas?
  6. Sure, in your console go to status messages in the lower half and choose either the all Audit status messages for a specific site or all Audit status messages for a specific user.. bingo !
  7. I'm busy implementing SCCM 2007 R3. security wise we have several departments that have local IT support and are responsible for their machines/users only (but everyone is in the same AD with separate OUs). the security model in SCCM is based on this: one Admins group with a select few that have all permissions, one helpdesk group per department with read permissions on site & Report level and some special rights on collection level, one admin group per department with mostly create rights. the thing is that I noticed now, that everyone who has read permission to the Site Manageme
  8. Do you have enabled the System group discovery method ? when you click on the value tab, do you get anything in return?
  9. I have discovered you can enable it only from checking the Enable PXE service Point box in the Distribution Points' properties
  10. this is nice, I have successfully used the example in a hardlink scenario. now I would like to test the SMP scenario, but I do not have MDT integrated. is it possible to modify the sample XP to W7 using hardlinking so that it works entirely from SCCM (without the MDT scripts)? or if someone would be so kind to share his/her example on this forum?
  11. I created an advertisement out of a task sequence to install multiple softwares in sequence. the programs are set to run when no user loggedon. the advertisement is set to run asap together with allow user interaction. I noticed that even though I triggered to run the program via the run advertised programs CPL, it did not run untill I had done a logoff. I guess that in this combination of events, the 'when no user loggedon' wins, correct?
  12. I have noticed that for one particular advertisement I have about 9000 failures. 95% of them are due to some manipulation in our install.cmd batches (so not an SCCM problem) whenever I try to show all errors, the status message viewer halts at about 4500 (there are no limits set in the options) I want to prove my case that this manipulation is a very bad idea,in fact its polluting the db and its very hard to distinguish a TRUE error from the falsely generated ones. why is it that the status message viewer does not show me all errors/messages when I asked him too?
  13. I've had the following question: is it possible to have a daily maximum limit of targets even when a software distribution has to go out to all clients? don't know bout this... basically an advertisement is setup to all approved clients but we do not want to push the program out to all of them at the same time. we are looking at having some sort of frontend that will have the possibility to manually stipulate a maximum daily limit here ... I guess it can be done partially by creating subcollections any ideas?
  14. let me rephrase a bit... the advertisement will not be re-run and I'm talking about a software distribution. but the mandatory assignment is set to a daily schedule, so on day 1 a number of computers will have recieved it, then the next day other clients will recieve it. we do not want to see that each day ALL computes will do the wake on lan, even those that have already ran the program from the advertisement
  15. Let's say I create an advertisment with a mandatory assignment and wake on lan to all approved clients. what will happen when the advertisement is ran from the second time on ? meaning, the first batch of computers has ran a succesfull advertisment with/without wake on lan. will those computers the next time the advertisement runs recieve the wake on lan again (even though they have already ran the program?) we want to avoid this from happening... In the altiris days, we solved this by adding a NOT collection which has all computers who have already a successful run. I might
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