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  1. Yes, that part is clear I want to create some sort of MAM solution for windows 10 devices as we can do for Android and iOS; Block all the Windows devices that don`t support WIP (Win7, 8.1 etc) and if the user is using Windows 10, but doesn`t register his device (and WIP is not deployed), that device is also blocked. I have created a WIP policy, but when I use a Win10 device (version 1703) and don`t register it, I can still access the data without the WIP policy being applied. Is something possible?
  2. Great article, very clear! One thing I`m wandering, is it possible to block devices which don`t use WIP? I have been playing with WIP, but Windows 10 (and older) devices are still able to access all the files even if they don`t use WIP. So I`m looking for some setting/ policy to force WIP. Thanks!
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