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  1. Is this machine on the domain? Sysprep will fail if so. Also, it is suggested to build your reference machine on a VM if possible to alleviate and hardware dependencies in the capture.
  2. WDS requires PXE. The larger concern here is pushing an image over a WAN to a remote site. It will take a hours depending on the pipe available.
  3. Hello all, It is nice to find this forum, hopefully I can get through this issue with your help. I've been working through issues with the Sysprep and Capture TS, and after a few days of struggling through I've come to a real head scratcher. I can get the TS to execute and fully capture and create the WIM file, however the file is not being put where specified in the Capture Image question of the wizard. The BDD file is even logging that its putting it in the correct directory, but nothing. I can't find it anywhere on the MDT server in either of the deployment shares that exist in th
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