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  1. Check out WMI trigger without client settings change: https://rid500.wordpress.com/2017/07/23/sccm-refresh-machine-policy-retrieval-evaluation-cycle-via-wmi/ Or, create new custom client settings and deploy to a collection in which you put your targeted devices. For a one time job, I remote to the machine using psexec \\hostname cmd.exe and then run: WMIC /namespace:\\root\ccm path sms_client CALL TriggerSchedule "{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000001}" /NOINTERACTIVE
  2. Yes, Niall. I was surprised that Djammer replied so quick. I just finished filing a bug with Win10 Feedback Hub app and tweeted that back to him. I am still stuck with trying to see what's up. When would you like to have a look with teamviewer? Would appreciate your insight.
  3. Yes, I saw that earlier too, but then noticed that the date for that error was on the 17th around 11:00. So I figured that might have been generated when network services was either patching or running a backup. As of yesterday just prior to the upgrade I see: INFO: SQL Connection succeeded. Connection: SMS ACCESS, Type: Secure I also checked the login properties for NT AUTHORITY/SYSTEM and it has sysadmin Server Role. I don't see any other such errors with regards to login. After the initial install failure, I did get and error in SQL Management Studio, when I tried to right click and get properties for CM database, however, this was resolved after restarting the server. Here was the error: TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Cannot show requested dialog. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Cannot show requested dialog. (SqlMgmt) Property Size is not available for Database '[CM_P03]'. This property may not exist for this object, or may not be retrievable due to insufficient access rights. (Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo)
  4. Not that I am aware Niall for the CM database. Last May during our Windows 10 migration, I used application mapping with the MDT database. So for this DB, I created a table. But we ran the 1710 upgrade last November without a hitch.
  5. Niall, this is the first time an in console update has failed for me. Updating single Primary Site from 1710 to 1802. I ran the Prerequisite checks and all was good. I then started the installation and all seemed to be good up to failing on the step Upgrade ConfigMgr Database. cmupdate.log showed the generic message Failed to apply update changes 0x87d20b15. Looking further up in the log, I found the line SQL MESSAGE: sp_RenewInvGroupViews - Creating inventory views EXEC sp_RenewInvGroupViews and then right after that [SQL Server]Invalid column name 'DeviceHardwareData00'. : v_HS_MDM_DEVDETAIL_EXT01 and ERROR: Failed to renew inventory views and rbac functions. I am including my cmupdate.log in hopes that you could have a quick look through it . . . (the update was started last night) Thanks! (Note: SQL compat level=110, Login Properties for NT AUTHORITY/SYSTEM has sysadmin Server Role) CMUpdate.log
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