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  1. Just got a Dell E7270 for evaluation and trying to OSD our corporate Win7 x86 SOE on it, but when it boots into WinPE (x86 or x64), it doesn't detect any physicals disks. I have enabled command support, so when I press "F8", run diskpart and use the "list disk" in the command window, it states that, "There are no fixed disks to show". I've injected the Network and SATA drivers into the both boot images and still no luck. If I let the machine boot into the preloaded factory image (Win 8.1 x64), I can open diskpart and run "list disk" and it shows me the disk info which is a GPT disk and not MBR (I've not dealt with GPT disks before). Any ideas?
  2. Use OCT and create a new MSP. On the Features/Set feature installation states, right click Lync and select "Run from My Computer" Don't change any other features like Word or Outlook etc. Generate your MSP and name it something like Add_Lync_2013.MSP Your install command line should be something like; msiexec.exe /p "Add_Lync_2013.MSP" /qb! /norestart /log "%TEMP%\Add_Lync_2013.MSP.log" This is the method I used to to add MS Access feature on top of the standard Office install (Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint.).
  3. If you are referring to something like Software Center, then yes, it's called "Run Advertised Programs" in the Windows Control Panel for SCCM 2007 clients. On the Interaction tab of the SCCM advertisement, you check the box that says "Allow users to run the program independently of assignments", with that checked, your package/deployment will be listed in the "Run Advertised Programs" for the end user to initiate the install.
  4. Find the product code in the registry HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall (search quicktime on that key). Look at the UninstallString, it usually says MSIEXEC/I{Your Version Product GUID}, you can then build your uninstall string from that. MSIEXEC /X {Your Version Product GUID} /quiet /norestart /log "%TEMP%\Apple QuickTime (Uninstall).log"
  5. We were in the same situation trying to use Software Updates, but getting limited success. We logged a cal with Microsoft and they gave us a batch file which used dism to install the pre-requisites before installing IE11.
  6. As part of our companies SCCM 2012 design process, I'm tasked with attaining some network traffic modelling for a CAS design and a single Primary Site design. Scenario: 10,000 managed devices spread in over 22 locations globally 1x CAS 2x Primary Sites (5,000 devices per site) What would the estimated size of the databases be and the amount of network traffic (Primary "A" <-> CAS <-> Primary "B"). I've tried Googling for this information and couldn't find definitive numbers or even ball park numbers to do calculations. Any assistance is much appreciated.
  7. I couldn't import the XML file either. I could export and re-import one of my existing Task Sequences without a problem though.
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