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  1. I've a requirement for install Software via SCCM to users . User are connecting to Primary Server via Distribution Point. My Requirement is push the LYNC 2010 . it created the Package using with Lync.exe file. then Package Advertise to only particular Distribution Point Computers. but now it deployed more 3-4 days. when i check ed the status , it shows that some are waiting , some failed . i can't see any success PC. what can be the issue .here with attached a Status Screen Shot in Software Distribution.
  2. I'm using method of Direct membership Rule for create Collection.further I'm creating collection as Computer Name wise. ( System Name ) since few days i've noted that it doesn't update with New Computers added in Database. but that New Computers shows in All Systems Collection . ( By Default created on SCCM ) . i checked my scheduled time also. no prolem with it. what can be the reason ? else please advise me with recommended solution for create collection as Computer name ,
  3. I'm using Client Push Installation Method for install the SCCM Client to users. I tried to push client to users. but it wasn't success. when i check the Log file. i can see errors in CCM_SETUP Log in Client PC. what can be the reason ? " Failed to receive WinHttp response. (Error at WinHttpReceiveResponse: 12030) ccmsetup 11/3/2011 6:00:31 AM 328 (0x0148) DownloadFileByWinHTTP encountered an unrecoverable error. ccmsetup 11/3/2011 6:00:31 AM 328 (0x0148) A Fallback Status Point has not been specified. Message with STATEID='308' will not be sent. ccmsetup 11/3/2011 6:00:31 AM 328 (0x0148) The language specific BITS version wasn't found (Failed to download 'WindowsXP-KB923845-x86-ENU.exe' from 'http://SCCM.CARGO.AD/CCM_Client/i386/BITS25' with error code 0x80004005). ccmsetup 11/3/2011 6:00:31 AM 328 (0x0148) "
  4. I've installed the AD , SQL Server & SCCM in one Server. Server / Computer Name is srv01 . Installed the SQL Server 2005. It didn't request any SQL Instance Name. I installed as Default Instance Name. Have you any idea for chck the Correct Instance Name Also? Thanks
  5. Hi, I've planned to launch a SCCM Site. below mentioned the little of details about this site. Server Name = srv01 I've pallned to run AD , SQL Server & SCCM in above mentioned Server. SQL Server doesn't asked to customize to Instance Name . so It installed by Default Instance Name = it is MICROSOFT##SSEE I Run the prerequistsite Cheker also. It was successed also. but when start the SCCM Installation ,it comes a Error. it comes as Fatal Error.Below mentioned the Error massage details. Fatal Error Configuration Manager setup cannot continue becasue of the followinf Error. Setup has encountered Fatal error during the Database Initialization. Contact your SQL Administrator. why comes like this error. Please help me. I've attaached the Few Scree Shots also. Regards, Harshana Silva Skype ID = dinidu86 Email = dinidunet@live.com
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