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  1. Hi Is it possible to migrate from Windows XP x86 to Windows 7 x64 ? Like... Backup Wipe everything Fresh x64 image
  2. Does this help? http://www.petervanderwoude.nl/post/configmgr-2007-updating-a-windows-7-image-with-the-latest-software-updates-%E2%80%93-a-less-conventional-but-very-effective-way/
  3. Yes there is no reason why not to use a task sequence. You can use it also for installation of alot of applications. Only thing is that you need to have the program to run as SYSTEM to be able to access it from task sequence.But again as you point out you can run it as a different user and it will hide the credentials. When you run a command line you can make it hidden, hence hiding any info to the user.
  4. Well since is a command running from command prompt you could create a program having "cmd /c runas <parameters> <your program>. You can see the options available for RUNAS from a command prompt. And yes you can run the task sequence. Right click on the task sequence and select advertise. This will create an advertisment for your TS.
  5. Oh now i get what you wanted to achieve. My bad. What about using the runas command so it will start the installation as administrator?
  6. Hi some more info: The upgrade ID is the same no matter the language, at least on Firefox Msi. But when i view the Resourse Explorer the product ID is Mozilla Firefox (Version) oh well
  7. The script says that package not found so i don't think that continue on error will work. is as if its different upgradecode. Will check again. Well we use IE cause its manageable at work and ofcourse users can not use anything else since im blocking them from the proxy We are mean...
  8. Hi thanks for replying. I actually made a collection based on Add/Remove Programs having %Firefox% installed so i know they have the program. but with the condition removed as well it does not work for a majority. Will have a look again on Monday and let you know if i found anything else.
  9. Hi again. Do you know a way to find any version of a program without the localization. As you can see from my screenshot i am able to uninstall all Firefox en-US but it is failing for GB. Only way is to edit my msi with an msi editor? What is the reason of having a condition if we want to uninstall all versions? If i remove the condition it can not find the software on the client to uninstall it.
  10. Thanks. was thinking of a way to have a general uninstall program for specific software like all versions of Firefox/Chrome. Could use the Uninstall part and keep the next part for future reference. Great post
  11. If the server has two nics you can connect them with two switches and connect your clients on the switch you want them to work. Thats the simplest solution i guess
  12. Is it possible to have SQL 2008 on the new one? will SCCM be able to replicate the SQL on the new server?
  13. maybe you are running the advertisment with SYTEM. Try running the create shortcut with the loggin user. That should work since it will know which user you are using so it will put it on your desktop
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