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  1. This script still rules - even after all these years!. One question: I'm trying to reduce the number of deferments to 1, but it still continues to go back to 5. Many thanks.
  2. Going to try it now. Just been reading a good article from Martin Bengtsson outlining use of the variable in a similar scenario. Thanks Anyweb - will report back with progress.
  3. The CMG MP connect is successful. I guess my question is, if the client runs a TS whilst pointed to on-prem MP, and then halfway through switches to the CMG, will the TS recognise this or would you need to restart it to allow it to communicate with the new MP, or is it clever enough to realise it needs work off the switched MP?
  4. Thanks for the prompt reply Anyweb. Without trying the SMSTSMP variable first, will the client see the on-prem MP if not on the VPN? I was under the impression that the CMG acted like an MP/DP. Cheers
  5. Hi all, I have an application upgrade task sequence which upgrades office and its various plugins, which consists of numerous reboots. The TS downloads all content locally before running due to the numerous reboots and users being on VPN. The VPN is a manual user connection using Cisco AnyConnect, plus we ask the user not to touch the device whilst the upgrade completes. Initially pushing the update down proved problematic as any missing content could not be downloaded once the device had rebooted, resulting in incomplete or failed updates. Enter the CMG - oh why did I not implement this at the beginning of the pandemic!?. Running the TS over the internet is quicker than over VPN plus i have real time monitoring and it completes successfully, however the real-world scenario will have our users on VPN to begin with, and then internet managed post first reboot. Checking the SMSTS log it appears that the client tries to look for the on-prem MP even though its connected to the CMG. The TS time is tripled as the client tries to look for the MP after each step - in addition the reporting is not real time. I have since added my CMG to the Default Site boundary group but it doesn't look like that's sorted the issue. Thanking you.
  6. Hi all, Has anyone set up CMG boundary groups for fallback? I need a device to connect to look to the CMG DP after its VPN connection has been cut. At the moment its not doing that and looking for the on-prem MP even though it is connected to the CMG. I'm running an Office upgrade task sequence which gets kicked off whilst the user is VPN'd in; after the first reboot its flying blind as visibility of the MP is gone. Presumably one needs to create a Boundary group with the CMG in and Reference that as a fallback? Thanks
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