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  1. have you tried "fully qualifying' the path to the response file? I seem to have "where is this running from issues" and making sure I know where the response file is, seems to help! I use %~dp0 if the file is in the same folder as the setup command (in my batch files)
  2. Thank you for the excellent walkthrough! It is very nice to have a guide to use during this process! My bootimages did not get updated during this process. I used the directions http://www.scconfigmgr.com/2014/02/28/default-boot-images-was-not-updated-after-a-configmgr-2012-r2-upgrade/ to get them updated, but I am not clear what causes the images to be skipped!? I also somehow missed the USMT update. I was able to update my USMT package manually, and all appears to be OK; I was just wondering if you had any insight as to why I might have had those two issues. Again, thank you for the guide! Dean
  3. We have had some similar problems, If the disk is > 2TB BIOS can't create the boot partition. Do you have F8 support? can you run the diskpart manually and see what you have? We occasionally "clean" the disk during OSD to set everything back to default, in case there is some strange partition scheme on our disks...
  4. I think I am using the same script, but instead of using the collection "title" use the collection ID (SMS0001 etc) seems to work.! but I do not try to run updates immediately, I have a Update group targeted at the unknowns, but if you have specifics... I basically assign to a maintenance window and wait to the cycle to pick up anything missing. We update the deployments quarterly, so there are generally only a few missing. I would enable incremental updates on the collections that you are hitting, so they see things "quickly"
  5. I have a couple of systems here that are failing to re-install the config manager client. They fail with a 1603, in client.msi.log. CCMSETUP reports "MSI: Setup failed due to unexpected circumstances The error code is 80004005" I have tried rebuilding the repository (Which I know isn't the greatest option) but even that is not helping! Interestingly, both systems are running IIS 8.0 express. These folks are trying to prep for a move to 2012 server at some point soon. could that be related? Any other ideas? Thanks, in advance!
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